Which Time Management Preference Applies Best to You?

What’s your approach to time management? I call two very distinct and innate preferences for time management, Jupiter and Pluto, (the names have nothing to do with astrology; they simply represent planets that are worlds apart). Below are brief descriptors of Jupiter and Pluto. Respond as if it’s the weekend and you are relaxing, check off ? the overall tendencies that apply best to you.

Jupiter-preferred tendencies:

(  ) Strive to avoid stress

(  ) Plan and structure your activities

(  ) Keep your desk and files (paper and computer) tidy

(  ) Make to-do lists (and relish checking items off)

(  ) Schedule your time

(  ) Work first, play later

(  ) Procrastinate about leisure and play

(  ) Rely on being organized to “control time”

Pluto-preferred tendencies:

(  ) Act spontaneously

(  ) Keep your plans open-ended

(  ) See structure as restrictive

(  ) Get motivated when a crisis occurs (and get started at the last minute)

(  ) Prefer to have options

(  ) Have an internal timing mechanism

(  ) See play and work as compatible

(  ) Lose lists; love or tolerate piles

Were you able to self-identify from this check list? Could you also assess your closet colleague or family member? Most people can. Join me next time to learn how to listen for the preference clues.

I would love for you to share your courage comments by posting them below.

Sandra Ford Walston is known as The Courage Expert and innovator of STUCKThinking™. She is a speaker, internationally published author and bestseller of COURAGE, trainer and courage coach.

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