The COURAGE Difference at Work: A Unique Success Guide for Women

Sandra Walston Shares Women’s Success Guide
for Courage in the Workplace

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Declaration of Courageous Intention (DCI)

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In today’s workforce, far too many women face seemingly insurmountable obstacles to their success. Repeatedly running up against the same barriers, they find themselves stuck in dead-end jobs or unfulfilling careers. The COURAGE Difference at Work: A Unique Success Guide for Women delivers an important message for these women and anyone else who feels stagnated, unappreciated or unhappy in her job: You have within you to utilize courage in every step of your life. It’s just waiting to be released.

Anyone can recognize, develop and wield the power of personal courage to

  • realize a higher level of job satisfaction
  • earn rapid advancement at work
  • develop stronger interpersonal skills
  • experience personal fulfillment
  • transcend the limitations of any situation

       The COURAGE Difference at Work empowers women by sharing proven step-by-step ideas to overcome the major obstacles that stall potential and ultimate success on the job. Working with a personalized success guide, the Declaration of Courageous Intention, allows the reader to chart the development of her everyday courage, creating a record of growth and a vision for self-fulfillment. As the process unfolds, a deeper understanding takes root, strengthening the reader’s commitment to tap into her reservoir of courage. 

Over twenty years of original research, the author has identified twelve courage actions anyone can employ to create a rewarding and self-fulfilled career. The practical application of any of the actions initiates experience-based learning to demonstrate the power of courage on a personal level. Applying these actions facilitates recognizing, awakening and enhancing the innate power of everyday courage that can be applied to all aspects of life. To help illuminate this courage realization process, The COURAGE Difference at Work devotes a chapter to each major obstacle and reveals the specific courage action needed to make courage the difference at work.

Additionally, each chapter relates the stories of courageous women who have exemplified that specific courage action at work and have achieved inspiring success as a result.