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FACE IT! 12 Courageous Actions that Bring Success at Work and Beyond


Do you have what it takes to get everything you want on the job? In life?

The obstacles we encounter in our personal and professional lives can become an endless source of drama that holds us back. Our natural tendency is to stay stalled in a mental comfort zone … and stagnate.

My third book, FACE IT! 12 Courageous Actions that Bring Success at Work and Beyond, will help you identify and use specific techniques to overcome obstacles such as uncertainty, intimidation, apathy, and self-doubt. When you have the leadership tools, you can take the steps toward living a more courageous life—professionally and personally.

You can read the Foreword by Daryl Conner, author of Managing at the Speed of Change here.

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During twenty years of original research, I have discovered that certain obstacles can become an endless series of dramas holding us back in our personal and professional lives. When people face these impediments, the natural tendency is to stay stalled in a mental comfort zone … and stagnate. A selection of the men and women I interviewed had learned to overcome this psychological paralysis in everyday situations and during very challenging circumstances. Conquering their StuckThinking™, they discovered a crucial source of self-actuated motivation—courage! Utilizing courage requires self-realization. Self-realization dwells in reflection. This is very different from self-help.

Unfortunately, most people mistakenly equate courage with perilous situations requiring feats of heroic bravery. This view fails to recognize the everyday courage required to explore new ideas, create innovative businesses, break from consensus, transcend rejection, find meaning in suffering, keep the faith or take the initiative.

Courage is really about the center of your being—who you are at the most fundamental level. In other words, living courageously is not so much about what you are doing as who you are being!

FACE IT! is not about how to get a job, your credentials or title, but about learning to apply courage techniques to overcome work-related barriers to self-fulfillment—things like uncertainty, intimidation, denial, apathy and self-doubt. The basic premise for this book is that what holds you back on the job is the same as what hinders achievement—the reluctance to face and live a courageous life.

If you are curious, take a minute to read the Foreword by guru change management consultant Daryl Conner.