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Sample of successful keynote topics (each keynote is customized to fit the audience, demographics and conference theme):

  • “Courageous Leadership–the Ethical Behaviors” (can be webinar)
  • “Stand in Your Courage, and Stand Out”
  • “Break the Chain that Restricts Your Courage”
  • “Real Leadership is Courageous: How to Discover Your Courage!”
  • “Courage—Your Untapped Reservoir in the Workplace!”
  • “COURAGE: The Cornerstone of Great Workplaces”
  • “Feminine Courage—Making it Work for You!”
  • “I Wish I’d Had More Courage;” From my article: In My Eleventh Hour: “I Wish I’d Had More Courage”
  • “Uniting Women in Courage”
  • “How Educators Hit the Bull’s-Eye with Courage”
  • “Courageous Leadership—An INside Job!”
  • “Courage: The Legacy that Changes Lives”
  • “Unleashing Courage in the Workplace”
  • “Top 5 Signs You Are Stuck at Work”
  • “Did Someone Clip Your Wings? Applying Feminine Courage”
  • “Harnessing the Feminine Energy of Courage”
  • “Make Courage Your Daily Legacy”
  • “En-courage Courage”

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SEMINAR TOPICS (partial list)

  • For 22 years, Sandra presented at the University of Denver and  five personal development classes for CPAs Continuing Professional Education (CPE) and currently CPE4u with Dr. Mark Vogel, such as the Enneagram.
  • Courageous Leadership: Advance Your Career—Step Up to Your Next Level (numerous articles featured in Chief Learning Officer magazine such “Courage in the Workplace,” “WANTED! CLO with Courage,” “Courage is Caged in the Workplace” and 2015 Training & Development “Courageous Leadership Matters at All Levels”
  • “Hello, Saturn! Hello, Neptune! Communicating with People from Another Planet” (article available upon request–taught at DU)
  • Coaching Techniques to Affect People: Gaining More Effective Leaders
  • “Human Dimension: Maximizing Individual Talents in the Work Place Using the Myers Briggs Type Indicator®” (and using the MBTI to advance sales results)
  • “Understanding Your Approach to Time Management: How Your Preference Affects the Way You Work” (article available upon request–taught at DU)
  • “Enneagram: A Business Model for 9 Ways of Working and Living” (article available upon request)
  • “Women Working with Courage: How You Can Claim It, Apply It, and Rely on it at Work” (article available upon request–taught at DU)
  • “The Language of Courage: Creating Action through Words”

If you’re interested in receiving a program outline for any of the topics listed above or for a customized topic, please e-mail Sandra your request.

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