Dimensions of Courage

To recognize courage, it helps to distinguish the various facets of courage. Some of us manifest certain types of courage well but come up short in other areas. Try to detect which elements you exhibit, and which need to be unleashed in your life. Spiritual courage. The spiritual journey requires being in the present. It is a trust in faith

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5 Courage Myths at Work

Debunking a few myths about courage in the workplace. Myth #1: Most people display courage at work. Demonstrating courage in the workplace is a lot like implementing ethical standards — most people tend to follow. In recent years, loads of stories surfaced about employees being told to do something unethical and then doing it in spite of the obvious issues.

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Personal Courage


You Have Arrived

What does “you have arrived” mean? You have arrived means you stop sabotaging your life by worrying too much to prove your worth. For my work in courage, to know “you’ve already arrived…” means the person lives a “courage-centered” life—it’s intentional and declared from the heart! The most critical issue as you embrace this forgotten virtue is to give yourself

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The Courageous Golda Meir

Obstacle 10 Apathy—Instill Self-Discipline “No one has looked back sadly on a life full of experiences, but many look back wishing they had had the courage to do more.” — Anonymous In the Jewish quarters of Kiev, Ukraine, Golda Mabovitch’s family heard the screams of discrimination: “Death to Jews!”[i] Jews, a religious minority, were hated and segregated in Russia. Feelings

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Denying Your Courage


Self-Doubt Dilemma

“Courage is the ladder on which all the other virtues mount.” — Clare Boothe Luce Expectations for women have fluctuated throughout history. The 20th century gave rise to social mores that stressed endurance and discipline, and the American women of this era displayed social graces, dignified style and fierce determination (as well as a tactical shrewdness in the bedroom called

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Why Mom’s Need to Recognize Their Children’s Courage

Many mothers forget to share their stories of courage with their children. Angela Cortez had an eye-opening experience when she shared with her sixteen-year-old daughter that she had lived on food stamps and sacrificed to achieve her career as a newspaper journalist. Prior to that discussion, Angela felt her daughter really did not understand the depth of their poverty because

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Transparent Courage

Emilio Navarro, solutions engineering team leader, knows how to reveal his talents by branding his performance results. Unwilling to be invisible, Emilio shares how he showcases his talents: “I always use courage at work while making decisions, while talking to people, while interacting with clients. Courage is who you are, and the decisions you make are how you work and

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Work Out Self-Doubt

Bill is executive vice president for an energy technology company. He defines courage as “the willingness and ability to absorb mental obstructions, abuse or cruelty without depression, discouragement or negativity.” Bill’s understanding about courage and how to eventually apply courageous leadership blossomed when he was a teenager. “As a teenager, I felt verbally and mentally abused in several situations. The

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