CPE for CPA or Organizations Seeking Courage Actions

Below are a collection of comments from two CPE webinar programs for CPAs in 2020-21.

These two programs are also perfect for organizations seeking to insert courage as a skill.

  • “Courageous Leadership—The Ethical Behaviors”
  • “Embrace Your Courage During Times of Uncertainty”

These two topics are conducive to all environments and situations assuming you are receptive to “courage as a skill,” so Contact Me.

“Courageous Leadership—The Ethical Behaviors:”

  • The best Ethics class I have ever taken! Thank you!!!
  • Sandra Walston is truly an inspirational speaker!
  • Excellent content and very applicable and helpful!
  • Presenter clearly wants people to feel good about themselves and not let being a wall flower prevent you from standing up for yourself or making the best ethical decision.
  • This was a wonderful experience.
  • I received a new approach to applying ethics to my job.
  • Great training! Thank You!
  • Great course!
  • This course was awesome!
  • Super presentation!
  • A lot of interaction between instructor and participants.
  • Interesting session—thought provoking.
  • Thanks, gave me a new perspective on courage.
  • Course was great!

“Embrace Your Courage During Times of Uncertainty:”

  • Sandra is enthusiastic and extremely uplifting. I’d highly recommend any future courses. Not only will Sandra’s courses help improve yourself from a business perspective, she’ll teach you to improve yourself from a personal perspective.
  • Sandra made a thorough presentation regarding courage in the workplace as well as personal life. She gave several helpful examples into what courage is and ways to improve confidence in yourself and others.
  • She is the best presenter I have ever had on CPA Academy.
  • Absolutely FANTASTIC!!!!!
  • This is a wonderful course that should be part of everyone’s core curriculum for life. The presenter is cogent, kind, enthusiastic and courageous!!!!
  • Thank you, very inspiring!
  • The course was a great introduction to really understand courage and the different ways you can obtain it.
  • I love your laugh and cheerfulness. Thank you.
  • The presenter did a great job driving home the message and encouragement!
  • Very positive and enthusiastic! Thanks Sandra!
  • Great energy level. Thanks
  • It is great to have an esteemed Academy presenter like Sandra Ford Walston to teach and remind us all what is really important in life; both personal and professional. These so-called “softer” skills are the solid basis of success for CPAs.
  • Lots of inspirational things to think about. Enjoyed it!
  • Loved her Giggles and Chuckles.
  • One of the best webinars!
  • This is amazing. I definitely need courage!
  • I will recommend to my friends; it is very good.
  • Very timely and interesting topic!
  • Excellent content.