The Heart and Spirit of Every Woman/Reclaiming the Forgotten Virtue

“Courage is one of the greatest gifts from God. It is a gift that changes people’s lives and uplifts the experience of the entire planet. In this extraordinary book by Sandra Ford Walston, clarity and wisdom are mixed with deep insight to produce a document of stunning value. I hope women—and men—everywhere read it.”

–Neale Donald Walsch, author of Conversations with God

“To read Sandra Ford Walston’s book is to celebrate the brilliance of contemporary women whose lives were transformed by embracing the virtue of courage. Her profound research indicates that every woman has been endowed with this virtue and shows how to evoke it and manifest it more fully in our own lives.”

–Jack Canfield, co-author of Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul and Chicken Soup for the Unsinkable Soul

“Sandra Ford Walston speaks to the heart of the matter when she points to courage as the linchpin of women’s true liberation. She illumines the path for us all.”

–Marianne Williamson, spiritual leader and author of A Woman’s Worth, A Return to Love, Enchanted Love

“Sandra Ford Walston has written a significant book focused on ‘courage—the heart and spirit of every woman’—teaching us to enhance ourselves by discovering our courage within and thus transform our lives. Courage is the key.”

— Alexandra Stoddard, author of Feeling at Home, Making Choices: Living a Beautiful Life, Living Beautifully Together, Making Choices: Discover the Joy in Living the Life You Want to Lead and The Decoration of Houses

“Churchill said that ‘courage is the first of human qualities because it the quality which guarantees all others.’ Walston has given women a book which guarantees them that intrinsic quality. Read it and it will help you do the most exciting thing of all: that which you are afraid to do.”

–Harriet Rubin, author of The Princessa: Machiavelli For Women

“The courageous woman is a powerful woman. Sandra Walston has enthusiastically and cleverly outlined a plan to help us find our strength to make a difference.”

–Mary LoVerde, author of Stop Screaming at the Microwave

“Sandra Ford Walston touches the heart and spirit of every woman by calling us to remembrance of the virtue of courage, which abides within us all. She offers a rich array of methods for awakening and strengthening this inner power source, and gives us the courage to aim for our highest destiny.”

–Linda Kavelin Popov, author of The Family Virtues Guide and Sacred Moment

“From a wealth of experience, Sandra Ford Walston enthusiastically offers accessible and invaluable tools for guiding women in confirming and capitalizing on their innate courage.”

–Sue Patton Thoele, MA, author of The Courage to Be Yourself and The Woman’s Book of Courage

“Courage and curiosity are major components of EveryWoman’s confidence factor. Sandra Ford Walston has created a terrific guide map for finding, developing and rebirthing courage when it wanes. Without courage, you are lost. This book gives you the tools to find your way!”

–Judith Briles, Ph.D., speaker and author of The Confidence Factor, Woman to Woman 2000

2001 National Book Tour photo from Tattered Cover Bookstore in Denver, CO
Sandra Ford Walston
COURAGE: The Heart and Spirit of Every Woman