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From CNN article: “What’s Your Type? Ancient Personality System Enters Corporate Mainstream”



There’s no quick pill to higher consciousness. The Enneagram is rich and deep, and it changed my life! Below are a few Enneagram testimonials:

  • I love the Enneagram as it has changed my life, though I can easily go on automatic. There is a tendency in me to repeat the same patterns over and again. As a person with an Enneagram six pattern, I suffer a lot from self-doubt and anxiety. I can also easily at times pretend to myself and others that I am far more confident than I actually am. In a crisis, I can come alive. To me, the Enneagram is about being aware of these thought processes and the emotions in my body, allowing them to be there, while being very kind to myself in the process. It is about noticing the bundle of paradoxes that I am, such as being both strong and weak, overly certain and very uncertain. It made me realize that I needed to meditate or to learn to let go, so I have been meditating for about seven years, with no regrets. My inner life and outer life is gently changing.


  • As a successful 3, I thought I was truly happy.  I had never heard of “self-deceit.”  The Enneagram changed my life because I learned how my number was running my life on the unhealthy end. I had to decide if I was okay with that or decide if I was willing to do something about it. I’ve worked through it, and most importantly know how to continue to address unhealthy and uncomfortable or painful situations when they arise—which they will because I am a Human. For me, the biggest relief is knowing that my true strong self now knows how to be in charge rather than my past Me who was often reacting to my world as a victim.


  • In business as a Five, I integrated the Enneagram tool into my employees work lives so that they could better understand each other by first understanding themselves.  We were a small group, so the benefit was to help each other grow, to avoid the negatives and to concentrate on success. We celebrated together, we shared stresses together, we supported each other. In my construction consulting business it isn’t just about the numbers, but I am able to help my clients work through the process of how to better themselves and their work by using the claim (troubles) as a springboard to become a better company.


  • Now that I know I am a 4, I can differentiate what is coming from my Four story and what is real and outside myself. I can give myself grace and acceptance in the areas I need them most and challenge myself where I need to grow. Most of all I can communicate better to those who love me about what I need and who I am.