Endorsements for FACE IT!

  • Courage is the virtue that has to be activated within us, and Sandra Walston is an activator extraordinaire! FACE IT! is more than a book, it is a gift. By reading this book, you’ll have access to a refined perspective of your everyday courage and how it applies to your advancement at work. And that’s a gift truly worth sharing.

— Bill Treasurer, author of Courage Goes to Work

  • If the world seems to be conspiring against you, your problems are solved with FACE IT!. Sandra Walston gently dynamites every obstacle that your own mind conjures up to stall your career and hold you back. This book is a marvel of pragmatics and philosophy, immediate help and inspiring history. The working world is a far better place with Sandra Walston in it.

— Harriet Rubin, author of The Princessa

  • This well researched, thoughtful book, guides the reader to a fuller life. We can’t say that about many books. Sandra Ford Walston is at her best when she goes into depth about words and situations that most of us mortals do not even discuss with our closest friends. For example, her analysis of how “intimidation” stops us day in and day out, and how “courage” unleashes our true potential, is spot on. Reading this book can make you more than a little uncomfortable, but if you have a good, clean mirror to view yourself, you will be able to see the image in the mirror improve, as you improve, by reading this book.

— Herb Rubenstein, Lead Author, Leadership Development for Educators

  • One opportunity in your work life you will never regret is having and applying more courage. Sandra Ford Walston’s insightful research explains how to combine the components of overcoming stuck thinking with courageous work behaviors to step up your career.

— D. A. Benton, CEO Material: How to Be a Leader in Any Organization

  • FACE IT! is Sandra Walston’s excellent follow-up book to STUCK written for people in all professions. This third unique guide demonstrates how any person can achieve life-changing personal and professional breakthroughs by recognizing the thinking that keeps them stuck at work and then how they can claim and manifest their everyday courage that is always available. With thought-provoking charts, tips and questions, and powerful stories of women and men who made courage their foundational value, this book is recommended for those of us at work all levels—we all know where we need to face the obstacles that hinder us on the job!

— Gail Evans, author of She Wins You Win and Play Like a Man, Win Like a Woman

  • Rich in insight and real-life stories that overcome the obstacles that keep us stuck, FACE IT! demonstrates that courage in the workplace springs from the courage for self-examination and exploring what truly matters in your life as much as your career. Sandra Ford Walston offers valuable information and inspiration to help you cultivate the courage that already exists within you.

— Sylvia L. Lovely author of New Cities in America: The Little Blue Book of Big Ideas

  • FACE IT! should be required reading for all working men and women. Why? For working woman, many are going to be crossed by deceitful, controlling, hyperaggressive individuals seemingly hell bent on derailing her career. For workers at all levels, paralysis that shows up in a stalled career is the result of failing to act while hoping the destructive people and bad events will evaporate. FACE IT! communicates the truth—failing to respond with authentic courage is the only truly risky act.

Courageous actions free the trapped person, empowering them to accomplish boundless success. Courage is transformative. Consequently, timid followers who witness everyday courage firsthand are inspired. The paradox is true—the worst imagined risks from taking action pale in comparison to the real risks endured by doing nothing. Take charge and live more fully and successfully with this book as your guide.

— Dr. Gary Namie, Workplace Bullying Institute, Co-Author, The Bully At Work

  • Sandra Ford Walston does not write run-of-the-mill ‘how to’ books. FACE IT! is replete with erudition, insight and wit. It is a celebration of our human spirit’s potential, a pleasure to read and then read again.

— Anne B. Zill, President, Women’s Center for Ethics in Action

  • I love this book! Its message provides the same encouragement I would give myself when I find myself stuck in the quagmire of my thoughts. If you have ever fallen into the trap of believing that the ‘smart thing’ requires you to shrink at work from being courageous, you will relish this book’s flood of great reasons to respect your inner leadership abilities. Here is a way to experience how ‘courage consciousness’ can create your new world.”

— Rennie Davis, President, Foundation for a New Humanity and author of The Great Turning

  • This book is an invaluable resource for those women and men who desire to be true to their own courageous instincts in business environments by offering both inspirational insights that keep us in stuck-thinking and courage coaching for taking action. Walston does not focus on the aggressive habits of command-and-control that so often ape courage nowadays. Courageously she focuses on the true nature of courage. She provides carefully researched and thought-through suggestions for embodying courage as effectively in business as a few noted women and men have consistently done in the rest of their lives. This book is both inspiring and enabling.

— Harold G. Nelson, Ph.D., Consultant and President of Advanced Design Institute and co-author of The Design Way

  • In this world rendered insecure and uncertain by terrorism, natural disasters, economic turbulence and situational ethics, it is easy to be afraid. Once, even in the most fearful times, we could look to role models in public, intellectual and corporate life, to inspire us and to reassure us that our courageous instincts were not wrong, naïve or futile. No more.

We have seen courage without intelligence, as Robert E. Lee said of Confederate General John Bell Hood, ‘All lion and no fox’—possessed of great courage but little wisdom. Men and women die in spirit and sometimes in fact in the company of such leaders. They are not our new heroes. Thus we are fortunate that Sandra Ford Walston has summoned her courage to invite and guide our courageous instincts, to show us a path, to be our guide and counselor on this often lonely but always rewarding journey to our personal greatness.

Philosopher Jacob Needleman observes that all the big things in life, save birth and death, are really comprised of small things. Sandra reveals how twelve obstacles hold us back on the job rather than embracing twelve courage actions as we summon our hearts and minds to fully express who we are and what we want. Sandra speaks and writes from her experience, so she is our fellow traveler. When you want to be stronger to life’s journey and more available to its gifts, invite Sandra’s everyday courage and wisdom into your life.

— Louis L. Marines, President, Advanced Management Institute

  • “My cynical tendencies get revealed by authors of so-called self-help books who themselves haven’t ‘taken the journey’. Not so with Sandra, she lives what she writes about. Wonderfully researched, thoughtfully organized, and passionately written, FACE IT! will touch many through its emphasis on being something–not just doing something. This book will be especially useful for those who feel a gut-level need for change in their lives. For a select few, it will help them stop chasing ‘shiny objects’ and get on with their life’s work.”

— Bill Wiersma, Author of The Big AHA and The Power of Professionalism