Amazon Reviews for FACE IT!


“Sandra Walston has taken courage to a new level and into uncharted territory. FACE IT! 12 Courageous Actions That Bring Success at Work and Beyond, brings courage front and center to the work environment. Sandra artfully uses the life stories of people that have embodied the principles of courage to face and overcome life obstacles. Her research proves without a shadow of a doubt that courage is the key to profound change. This is a must read if you are serious about taking control of your life.”

— Lee Livermore, Consultant

“My cynical tendencies get revealed by authors of so-called self-help books who themselves haven’t `taken the journey’. Not so with Sandra, she lives what she writes about. Wonderfully researched, thoughtfully organized, passionately written, FACE IT! will touch many through its emphasis on being something–not just doing something. This book will be especially useful for those who feel a gut-level need for change in their lives. For a select few, it will help them stop chasing `shiny objects’ and get on with their life’s work.”

— Bill Wiersma, Author of The Big AHA and The Power of Professionalism

“I have read books by this author before so I knew before I read it that this book would be full of helpful ideas and information. What surprised me was how entertaining it was. The examples and stories were fascinating and really illustrated the points she was making. An excellent read all the way around.”

— Rob, Marketing Partner

“Sandra Walston does a terrific job of balancing careful research and insightful observations about how to take accountability for your own career success. Walston, the thought-leader behind StuckThinking, provides fresh ideas and approaches for inspiring more courageous career behavior. The reader who applies her advice will be glad they did.”

— Bill Treasurer, author of Courage Goes to Work


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