When you are in your true Self you are coming from your heart and spirit. Courage is the catalyst. The origin of the word courage is Old French corage, meaning “heart and spirit.” When you apply courage to your purpose you are being from your heart and spirit—you are the embodiment of essence—being genuine takes courage. Courage Coaching connects purpose with heart. The coaching experience enlarges the portal to your heart’s purpose.

  • What is courage coaching?
    Being a certified Newfield life and leadership coach who focuses on your courage. Courage coaching is life planning; it is a journey driven by passion. The coach is someone who partners with the client to be a vision builder and value shaper. A coach is someone who holds you accountable for the design of your life, helping you make sure you really do live up to your potential. A coach does not tell you what to do. The coach asks questions to help you find your own unlocked solutions. A coach:
  • Empowers you to transform who you are and reinvent yourself by your frame of reference and thought process and how behaviors produce unintended consequences.
  • Encourages you to surface and question the way you have framed points of view about others or your circumstances, with the idea of creating a fundamental shift, such as how you view conflict or being assertive.
  • Guides you to take effective action (Peter Drucker calls it “making strengths productive”).
  • Helps you determine what you really want to do–your personal “calling” and inner essence.


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