May 2018 Rose Tenaglia Dunn, Messenger for Hope and Healing on LyceumLIVE

“Wanted to let you know that I finished your most excellent book, COURAGE: The Heart and Spirit of Every Woman/Reclaiming the Forgotten Virtue. You mentioned it was an ‘easy read.’ I did not, however, find it a quick read. It’s so jam packed with stories and examples, each offering its own wisdom. And I must confess, I kept looking for answers to the self-doubt I experience in different aspects of my own life. Sooooo empowering! Such a wonderful read! Thank you for putting your heart and soul into this amazing project. Again, Sandra, thank you for the light you are shining in this world. I get that it doesn’t always look like we think it will. And that’s the exact reason your message about having Courage needs to be heard far and wide!!”


March 2018 Tobey Worthington, Rocky Mount, NC

“I was introduced to Sandra Ford Walston, The Courage Expert, from a friend who had heard her keynote ‘Courage—An Inside Job!’ in Orlando, Florida at a Delta Kappa Gamma Society International Convention. By introduced I mean, a friend encouraged me to purchase and read her first award-winning book COURAGE: The Heart and Spirit of Every Woman/Reclaiming the Forgotten Virtue. Being so impressed with her writings, I signed up on her website to receive her free monthly Courage Newsletter. Each month, I anticipate reading the featured courage articles because they support me to sustain my courage. Many people have influenced me in my life, but Sandra’s work always reminds me about how it takes ‘Courage’ to reach beyond oneself. For example, it took a lot of courage for me to apply to the DKG Leadership Management Seminar, but I summoned my courage, applied and I was accepted. I have received so much insight into my own self and others from reading Sandra’s words of wisdom. I can honestly say that reading Sandra’s research on feminine courage and non-gender courageous leadership has changed my life for the better.”


COURAGE provides a wonderful opportunity for a father and daughter to sit down and discuss the twelve behaviors of courage provided on the ‘Source Wheel.’ My daughter has demonstrated much courage in her life, but she doesn’t get acknowledged for her courage like a man would be accredited. After reading this insightful book, I am committed to acknowledging and honoring the courage not only in my daughter, but also in other women. Just last night I was talking about this book to a friend who is a single parent with two great kids. As I pointed out her courage she was not only moved by my response, but she also became inspired to claim and apply this dormant virtue for herself. Thank you for your contribution to my enlightenment.”

–Tom Heuerman, Ph. D., Business Consultant using a more natural way

Courageous-who me? During most of my life, it has never occurred to me that I have transcended difficulties or circumstances demonstrating real courage. Sandra Walston’s Source Wheel model beautifully develops and uncovers the many faces of courage as facets on the jewel of our souls. I can now look back on my life and acknowledge and claim my own brand of inner courage—including the courage it took to make unconventional career and personal transitions, speaking up when no one else did, and maintaining authenticity and integrity in situations demanding self-betrayal. The women’s sagas of courage in this book further solidify recognition of my own courage as a continuing quality of who I have become. I can consciously choose to be fearless…because it is clearer now that I have always been fearless! Sandra’s book is an enormous contribution to us all!”

–Angelique E. Matney, Corporate Attorney and Career Coach

“Sandra’s words on courage and the importance of recognizing it, naming it, owning it, living it, and then teaching it, resonate deep within my heart and soul. I always thought I came from a long line of ‘strong’ women, and have worn that badge of female ancestry proudly, but something about changing the word strong to ‘courageous’ feels so much truer. I have made a conscious effort to incorporate the word courage into my everyday conversations. It has tremendous impact, to only with others, but also inside myself. I find the reservoir of courage within me has grown and enabled me to take steps towards my dreams that I might not have taken, had I not decided to ‘own’ courage. Hoo – wah! How great it feels to know that in my family, my community and my world, one of my greatest gifts and legacies will be COURAGE. God bless Sandra Walston for shining a light on what was already there.”

–Patty Monical, Wife, Mother, and Life Coach

“I read COURAGE many times, and each time the sentence ‘You will only change when the pain of staying in the old patterns is greater than the pain of the change,’ finally hit home. I had moved out of state to follow my boss—I was his secretary and he needed me. After three weeks, I was unhappy and I realized that I wasn’t going to be able to grow beyond his ‘ownership’ of me. I knew I couldn’t stay in the same old pain and pattern of submissiveness. Driving across the country I was proud that I had the courage to do what I had done. This book changed my life! I am now moving onward toward my potential, not someone else’s expectations. I now do something everyday to transform the old into a new and courageous person.”

— Elizabeth Blazer, Management Analyst

Sandra Ford Walston’s book is a masterpiece of inspiration and insight into how courage can magically transform our daily lives. Using real life examples, she reveals the secrets to how we can courageously turn adversity into advantage. A must read!

–Mark Berkowitz, Psy. D., Author of Don’t Drown in the Car Pool and creator of the radio feature It’s a Parent to Me with Dr. “B”

“Reading COURAGE inspired me to have the courage to tackle a huge challenge. The sweet moment of success served as a reminder that when I call upon the inner reservoir of courage, consciously choose, and then take action, I can move mountains. Thank you for making me aware of the courageous behaviors operating in me.”

— Susan Molumby, Account Executive, Wife, and Mother

“Sandra Ford Walston writes with clarity. This very readable book illuminates the truth about courage—it requires neither battling evil empires nor saving mankind from disaster. COURAGE tells the stories of real women who have overcome various obstacles in their lives, proving that courage comes in many colors. It especially inspired me to teach my children to use their God-given courage to successfully navigate the rocky road of adolescence.”

— Diane S. Young, Wife and mother of 2 teenagers, Co-owner of Office Elves Inc.

“I had never really given much thought to courage until I read Sandra Ford Walston’s book, Courage: The Heart and Spirit of Every Woman. Now, with every decision I face, I am more tuned in to my own courage and I trust that courage will see me through any obstacle. This book is incredibly insightful. It’s about time women have access to this type of information and be able to learn how to cultivate this often times forgotten virtue. Bravo!”

— Lisa Craig, Internet Consultant and Writer

“As I read the inspirational stories of women with courage, I heard their voices echoing within myself, bringing my own courageous self to life. I have a renewed sense of confidence in my own abilities, and a faith to move forward with courage, even in amidst uncertainty. Thank you, Sandra, for reminding me that I’ve always had the power, and for the insight that I always will.”

— Dorie McCubbrey, M.S.Ed., Ph.D., Author, professional speaker, and counselor providing a soulful solution to eating and weight problems

“At 46, I found myself starting over. I was the mother of two, unemployed, and desperately seeking direction in life. I found myself overwhelmed, unfocused, and fearful. Fate led me to pick up Courage: The Heart and Spirit of Every Woman/Reclaiming the Forgotten Virtue. There I found a concrete method to ‘tap into my reservoir of courage.’ Her three-step approach for integrating courage (assessment, the source wheel and setting specific actions) assisted me in redirecting my energy, facing my fears, and claiming my courage. I now know and appreciate that reclaiming my courage requires a daily act of faith. My children and I thank Sandra, for having the courage to write this book and assisting others to find their path.”

Diane Weiser, Account Manager and Mother of two boys