Testimonials for Sandra Ford Walston,

Expert in Organizational Courage, Feminine Courage and Leadership Courage

Speaker Sheet

November 2020 “Courage as a Skill”

I was asked to share nuggets about how can you build “Courage as a Skill” with long-time friend and collaborator Rowena Morais and her Thrive Meetup group on Facebook November 13, 2020 that focuses in Asia, India and Australia.

My response to Rowena was “Of course you can build courage as your innate skill! Like most actions, with a Declaration of Courageous Intention (DCI) and self-discipline you can accomplish what you wish. The interaction with Rowena via Thrive Meetup was an opportunity to reveal some critical questions to help expose the heart of courage, such as
1. What is the inner chatter I hear all the time?
2. What is a courageous conversation that I have been putting off and why?
3. How often am I selling my soul (and I know it!)?
4. What is my courageous intention?

A few responses from Attendees shared how they were stimulated:

  • Fantastic questions to live by. I like #3 and #4 a lot. These questions are like an inner compass, methinks! We are so accustomed to OTHER people starting something, OTHER people doing things that we forget that we can do those things too.
  • Priceless learning from Sandra and all the lovely ladies. Thank you so much.
  • Thank you, Rowena, for an insightful session. It was very useful hearing from Sandra’s powerful sharing and the stories of the other attendees.
  • These are great questions Sandra. It got me to start thinking about how much courage I am operating with. For me, courage is a choice you have to make every day in every encounter. We have the choice to be inauthentic or be true to ourselves. When we choose to be courageous, we choose to be authentic.

February 2020 “Courage is Universal”

“Sandra’s approach to courage is revolutionary. By that I mean her approach is a deep-dive approach and one that can revolutionize the outcome of any organization such as producing tangible outcomes. Even if the level of courageous behavior remains the constant, at least with Sandra’s approach people will have a chance to analyze the cause that blocks their ability to claim and integrate their courage. I was quickly stimulated by the question she poses: ‘If I had unlimited courage, what would I do right now?’” – Ella, Fortune 500 Director

December 2019 “Courageous Leadership—The Ethical Behaviors”

“Courageous Leadership—The Ethical Behaviors” was a two hour webinar presented by Sandra Ford Walston, The Courage Expert, through CPA Academy, can be life changing for both leaders and their teams. Sandra has powerfully organized and presented this insightful program on courageous leadership, but as usual, it is up to us to work on ourselves enough to apply the insights that allow a massive impact that only courage content can produce. Thank you Sandra for committing to 25 years of original courage research in an effort to help us understand courage at a deeper level and provide simple tools that will allow each of us to incorporate everyday courage consciously into our daily lives and lead more impactful lives. Bottom line: Thank you for the work you do that pushes individuals to be their best selves, which then in turn shows up and allows the companies they work for to be even better.

 — Andrew Averett, Upper Limit Consulting, President

September 2019 “Real Leadership is Courageous: Discover Your Courage in the Workplace” for Jacobs Women’s Network

Sandra was interactive and enthusiastic in coaching us to be courageous in the workplace! She led a series of discussions and exercises that made everyone feel included while also positively pushing the limits of our comfort realms. We dived deep into analyzing our organizational culture and identified opportunities to improve our workplace environment, empowering each and every individual to thrive in their careers. Sandra provided us with many tangible steps we can all take in our individual lives to be more courageous and spotlight the courage in others. Professional in nature mixed with a burst of fresh energy, Sandra can captivate many diverse audiences. Though our event was hosted by the Jacobs Women’s Network, there was 50%/50% attendance between men and women. Sandra’s coaching and guidance can apply to a wide array of backgrounds, and she is able to empower individuals to promote a positive workplace culture and bring their best selves to work each day.

Few comments from participants included:

  • The JWN Denver event about courage in the workplace was a fun and informative event.  It is great to hear a speaker discuss strategies in being self-supportive and being honest with yourself and others.  It helped me to develop positives ways to advocate for myself at work and in life. – Dakota
  • Nice presentation. Enjoyed the small atmosphere for the subject and felt comfortable participating as a Group Leader. – Judy
  • I liked that I walked away with ideas I could implement right away into my daily life. – Erin
  • Sandra was able to provide useful nuggets of wisdom such as “we diminish our spirit when we swallow our voice” and gave advice on how to handle those split-second decisions where you may be put on the spot. These are useful to have in your back pocket instead of giving a response you may regret later. This is timely advice that is useful over the length of a career. – Jennifer
  • Fantastic event. It was liberating and confidence-boosting to share my experiences about what fears I had to overcome to succeed at the next level of my professional career! – Dave

July 2019 “Leadership is Courageous: How to Discover Your Courage”

“During Sandra Ford Walston’s July CPE program ‘Real Leadership is Courageous: How to Discover Your Courage,’ Sandra utilized her ‘courage magic wand’ on me, and it worked! Sandra’s gift for courage teaching and coaching gave me the courage to speak my mind while remaining true to myself, while also acting professionally.  I learned to go with my gut by asking myself every night: Can I be proud of myself when I look in the mirror? And am I living a life with 0% regrets? Sandra’s program provided these powerful insights along with the mantra recited: ‘I am unwilling to sell my soul!’ Living with this lens opened up so many doors for me professionally and personally. I cannot thank Sandra enough!”

— Kelsea Warren, CPA (Millennial)

July 2019


I just wanted to say thank you for the CPE class “Real Leadership Is Courageous: How to Discover Your Courage.” I am so glad I decided to come because I had some big realizations about myself!

You really hit it home for me when you said “I will not swallow my voice” I can list the times I wish I had said something and stood up for myself. I am going to work on mustering my courage and speaking up! I especially appreciated your communication tips, and really everything you taught me today!

I am so excited to see you again on Thursday for the Introductory Enneagram Class, and for both of your other trainings later this year!

Thank you again!

Abbigail Nichols, currently pursuing CPA certification

March 2019

“Using personal insights and analytical courage research, Sandra Walston, The Courage Expert, engaged our international members on how to apply organizational courage to advance our innate courage behavior, secure those benefits in each firm and make courage contagious. Sandra is an energetic, intelligent and wonderful speaker who sweeps the audience up with her enthusiasm. She connects quickly with the audience so that they become engaged in the program.”

Gary Katz, FCPA, FCA, TEP, Ottawa, ON, Canada

March 2019 “COURAGE: The Cornerstone of Great Workplaces” in Vancouver

“Sandra spoke on ‘COURAGE: The Cornerstone of Great Workplaces’ in Vancouver. We can’t forget her performance during the Conference as key note speaker. Her ability to interact with a large audience on a one-to-one basis was amazing. I must say that she was the best keynote speaker I have ever seen. We had our Annual Conference in Vancouver in 2015 where around 300 people participated. Our CEO announced a few months before the event that we were lucky to get the kind consent of Sandra Ford Walston, “The Courage Expert” as the keynote speaker who in fact had a few other professional commitments.

Mohandas Balakrishnan, Managing Partner, AGN AL MAQTARI AUDITING, Dubai, UAE

November 1, 2018

Women In Cable and Telecommunications Successful Webinar: “Make Courage Your Daily Legacy”

  • “Thank you for the illuminating session. I really appreciated it!”
  • “It was a great program! Thank you!”
  • “It was great! I’ve signed up the for the Newsletter. Bring on the courage!”


September 2018

“I attended Sandra’s ‘Time Management: How Your Preference Affects the Way YOU Work’ CPE class with a group of coworkers. It was a great experience! From the very beginning she got to know each of us individually. The time at the event flew by. She had such great examples and made the topic interesting. Her personality and passion are contagious. The time spend on yourself or your team will be well worth it and will pay dividends. You are sure to walk away with many ideas of how you can personally improve. It also helps to give perspective of how to work with different personality types. By far the best CPE class I have ever been to! Are you a Jupiter or a Pluto? Sandra will help you find out!”

Freeman Bedwell, Alternative Investments Tax Associate (millennial perspective)

June 26, 2018
Sandra is a very detail oriented speaker dedicated to success. She recently spoke to our Executive Level Women’s group on “Women United in Courage.” Sandra speaks with expertise on a topic that is under-represented in women’s groups but is vitally important to women’s success. Our participants enjoyed her inter-active presentation and look forward to diving into her book COURAGE: The Heart and Spirit of Every Woman/Reclaiming the Forgotten Virtue.

Sandra works with the event coordinators to ensure that every aspect of the event goes the way it should. Sandra radiates positivity and was a delight to work with. I highly recommend her for any group—women-only or a mixed audience.

Caitlin Pusateri, Vice President, Leadership Development


August 2017 Training in MI

To Whom It May Concern,

GreenStone Farm Credit Services is proud to have worked with Sandra Ford Walston, The Courage Expert for three years.  She was our keynote speaker at our initial kick-off session of Leadership Development in August 2014. Sandra spoke on “Courageous Leadership—An INside Job!” to two different audiences along with presenting the MBTI®.

Sandra and I worked together to formulate an impactful message that combined courage and leadership.  It was Sandra’s twenty years of original research and thorough knowledge of the discussion that made this possible and the session successful.

Her boundless energy, commitment to quality, enthusiasm and passion for life are authentic and are not just there on the days of training, but begin way back on the first initial contact in January 2014 and continued throughout the development process. We purchased and valued FACT IT! 12 Courageous Actions that Bring Success at Work and Beyond.

Sandra was simply a pleasure to work with and I valued her commitment and energy when she returned to GreenStone in 2015, 2016, 2017 and beyond.

Thank you Sandra for a job well done!

Sincerely, Diane R. Miller, CPLP, Sr. Training & Development Specialist


Brock & Co., Annual Professional Education Conference, December 18, 2016

Brock and Company is delighted to have engaged Sandra Ford Walston to present “Time Management: How Your Preference Affects the Way YOU Work—Jupiter or Pluto?” at our Annual Professional Education Conference.

Thank you Sandra for the outstanding presentation and congratulations on receiving the top ratings for your program: 5 out of 5 by our team members. This is the highest rating a presenter can attain for a professional education presentation.

Sandra’s class was unique in that it was presented so that all of the firm members were actively involved vs. a typical program where the presentation is PowerPoint driven and people tune out (especially after lunch). Some of our team members’ comments included:

  • “I have never attended a professional education class like Sandra’s and this is criticism in a good way. If I were to think of one word that described the class ‘Dazzled’ comes to mind.”
  • “Sandra was entertaining and I loved how she did not have a problem discussing our different shareholders time management skills and issues. Most other instructors would not have done this.”
  • “I enjoyed the high energy of Sandra and how she involved the audience. I chatted with several people and they want to attend more presentations that are such high quality and superb motivation.”


From: Alliance of Professional Women, May 23, 2016 Annual Membership Appreciation Luncheon at The Chophouse

Sandra Ford Walston, “The Courage Expert,” recently spoke at the Annual Member Appreciation Luncheon for the Alliance of Professional Women on “Feminine Courage – Making It Work for You.” In front of an audience of 100 professional women, she engaged our members on a journey on how to apply courage to improve our behaviors and reclaim this forgotten virtue.

Using personal experience and analytical research, she imparted practical ways to apply courage in our everyday lives. She taught us that we all have the potential for courage, but not all of us are willing to pay the price for it. She offered sound advice on how to overcome uncertainty, self-doubt, and abuse through establishing higher standards, holding one self accountable, and instilling self-discipline.

Sandra spoke with determination, passion, and enthusiasm. She was inspiring to us all as she told her story, shared her experiences, and how she came to develop her own courage which is why she received a standing ovation.  I highly recommend Sandra Ford Walston to speak to any group searching for a dynamic motivational speaker.

Quotes overheard at our event:

  • “Inspiring”
  • “Being able to recognize courage in other women before we see it in ourselves was an eye-opener!”
  • “Great topic”

Leslie Garske, President, Alliance of Professional Women



March 10, 2016 “SheSays” event on COURAGE for women in digital downtown Denver. There were four panelists and over 100 guests. I was the courage moderator. Panelist Rachael Donaldson said, “You are a lovely person, I can’t imagine a better person building up people’s courage. Thank YOU for being a fantastic moderator and helping shape such a positive, impactful event.”



Standing Ovation from Sold-Out Crowd Colorado Women’s Chamber of Commerce (CWCC)

The Colorado Women’s Chamber of Commerce (CWCC) is dedicated to helping women to succeed in business. CWCC hosts numerous events to inspire and educate women as they navigate their careers or grow their businesses. We strive to introduce and recognize women leaders who have overcome barriers to their success and to learn from their insights.

Sandra Ford Walston, The Courage Expert’s presentation at our April 2015 luncheon about courageous behaviors attracted a sell-out crowd and garnered an outstanding response. Sandra’s exceptional business experience along with her approachable style were both enlightening and entertaining.

As President and CEO of CWCC for the past 7 1/2 years there had only been 3 other standing ovations and it was no surprise that Sandra received one after her presentation. Sandra’s relevant experiences along with her entertaining personality are a winning combination.  I highly recommend Sandra as a speaker for anyone interested in educating, entertaining and empowering people.

Sincerely, Donna Evans, President & CEO Colorado Women’s Chamber of Commerce and The Women’s Leadership Foundation

Takeaways from attendees who attended Sandra’s speech:

  • Sandra’s personal journey exemplifies the strength of heart necessary to have courage.
  • Courage is not about physicality—it is about your heart and spirit.
  • Decisions to stand in your own truth are the most courageous, and opening your heart to hear it’s guidance is an act of courage.
  • Courage does not always take place on a huge scale but in the everyday interactions.
  • Celebrate even the smallest steps of courage!
  • People will throw rocks at your decisions, at your courage. Let them. Stand in your truth and let the quiet courage of your heart speak for you.
  • Walking away from Sandra’s speech changed me as a parent. I am going to make sure I use the word courage with my little girl and encourage her heart as well as her mind.
  • What I appreciated most about Sandra’s speech was your candor and raw honesty. It takes an incredibly strong person to share a very personal story with a room full of strangers and to make a lesson out of it.
  • I found the message of being courageous through adversity to be very pertinent. It felt like you were speaking directly to me, then I realized that many (or most) career women struggle with courage.
  • I didn’t realize how much I had in common with the rest of the attendees until you addressed the fact that women tend to swallow their voice and not speak their truth. But you refused to allow us to be victimized for that, because being victim is a choice and you choose not to be one. By choosing courage, you choose your truth.
  • When I returned to work, I courageously interacted with my coworkers whom I feel intimidated by, and I courageously spoke my truth to them. It’s a choice that we make every day. Thank you for helping me to see that.




Rexann Dunn, Chair, Business Opportunity Council

To Whom It May Concern,

The Business Opportunity Council would like to acknowledge and thank Sandra Ford Walston, The Courage Expert, for her inspirational and thought-provoking keynote – “Courageous Leadership – An INside Job!” delivered at the Business Opportunity Council’s Annual Holiday Luncheon on December 11, 2014.   She was encouraging, focused, and exceptionally knowledgeable, and engaged our members in a lively discussion about courageous leadership.

No matter what role you possess, from employee to employer there will be times you need to step up and lead and Sandra’s extensive research on the topic of courageous leadership proved useful and applicable to our audience.  Sandra definitely met our expectations!

Sandra was a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend her as a motivational speaker to any group.


Rexann Dunn, Chair Business Opportunity Council


Feedback from an International Corporation in Calgary, Canada 

How would you rate the topic/session (“Courageous Leadership–An INside Job!”)?

  • Very useful and relevant.
  • I thought that is was very useful.  It gave a different perspective on leadership that I think anyone can use.
  • Yes, I found it very motivational.
  • I found the topic and discussion very interesting.
  • I didn’t expect to enjoy it as much as I did but really feel challenged to be courageous.
  • Found the topic helpful in both professional and personal life.
  • Very relevant and useful for being proactive at work.
  • It was relevant if you were just starting out or if you have been in the trenches for a while.
  • Was one of the best presentations I’ve attended.
  • The topic was very timely for me personally, and provoked much thought/reflection over the weekend.
  • Very interesting and motivational.


Endorsement for keynote given at the Annual Women’s Success Forum at the Denver Convention Center:

I attended Sandra Walston’s keynote Courageous Leadership—An INside Job!” at the annual Women’s Success Forum for The Leadership Investment. Sandra’s content was rich and thought provoking, and she structured the event to include engagement with the audience and small group discussion to further facilitate our learning. I walked away from the session motivated to make positive changes, with a sense of how to concretely make those happen in a personalized way. Sandra’s work is essential for any organization looking to develop their leaders.

Jan Shegda, Founder, Clarity Coaching and Counseling, LLC


Letter of Appreciation for opening keynote at Delta Kappa Gamma International Southeast Regional Conference

To Whom It May Concern:

Sandra Ford Walston, “The Courage Expert”, recently spoke to The Delta Kappa Gamma Society International, Southeast Regional Conference on Courageous Leadership – An Inside Job! Her opening keynote presentation was inspiring and energizing as she shared her years of extensive research on the twelve behaviors of courage. She was genuine, sincere and passionate about her desire for the female audience to reclaim their hidden virtue “courage” and illuminate its possibilities in every phase of their lives. 

Sandra led an audience of almost 600 women through the purpose and use of the “Source Wheel: Behaviors of Courage” diagram.  She shared examples using the “Source Wheel” and how its use can help them determine areas of weakness and take action to reclaim their critical everyday courage. A true sign of Sandra’s success were the questions asked from the members in the audience at the end of her presentation. Many members continued to talk with Sandra throughout the day and constantly raved about her using comments such as “memorable” and “inspiring” long after the conference, and weeks later through emails.

Sandra Ford Walston, as opening keynote speaker, set the conference on a road to success with her enthusiasm, passion and courage. I would recommend her to any organization wishing to tap into her wealth of research and knowledge on courageous leadership and finding one’s true self. 

Dr. Hanna Fowler 2012-2014 Southeast Regional Director, The Delta Kappa Gamma Society International


Letter of Appreciation Virginia Commonwealth University Grace E. Harris Leadership Institute (seven years of participation)

Dear Sandra:

 It is with great appreciation that I write to you to express my sincere thanks for taking the time each year to interact with the participants of HIGHER Ground. We are so grateful that you were willing to share your time with us, and I am glad you were able to see our participants this year! Your presentation, Leading With Courage, was very motivational, and your ability to encourage a room full of women from diverse backgrounds and professions is such a value to our program.

Our participants raved about how fantastic you were! It is nice to be reminded that we all face challenges and everything can be overcome with courage. Your remarks have empowered us to incorporate courage into our lives. 

 We look forward to continuing our relationship with you. Thank you, again, for your generosity on behalf of the Institute and HIGHER Ground.


Nakeina E. Douglas-Glenn, Ph.D. Director, Grace E. Harris Leadership Institute Virginia Commonwealth University


President & CEO, Colorado Women’s Chamber of Commerce:

I have recently had the distinct pleasure of having Sandra Ford Walston, The Courage Expert, speak at the monthly luncheon for the Colorado Women’s Chamber of Commerce on “Through the Lens of Courage—Focusing on the Best Perspective.” Sandra was recommended to the Chamber by a former member who believed Sandra’s expertise in courage and courageous behaviors made her an ideal speaker for the Chamber.

The Women’s Chamber of Commerce’s mission is to create an environment and resources to help women to succeed and we host monthly luncheons featuring inspiring female speakers.  Our goal at the luncheons is to introduce and recognized women leaders, hear about their lives and learn their success strategies. Sandra’s expertise in courageous behaviors; her business experiences; and her speaking style culminated into a presentation that received enthusiastic feedback from many of our members who found Sandra to be both enlightening and entertaining.

Sandra demonstrates an outstanding ability to convey her expertise in a manner that is both profound and relatable. Her personal stories made the audience feel comfortable and connected and demonstrated the immediate applications of courageous thoughts and behaviors.  One of our members commented, “I especially enjoyed her supportive style and the sense of community in the room”.

I highly recommend Sandra as a speaker for anyone interested in educating, entertaining and empowering people.  Her ability to bring together and entertain an audience is truly remarkable.  Sandra’s lessons about courage are applicable and empowering to all.


Donna Evans, President & CEO, Colorado Women’s Chamber of Commerce


Miscellaneous Comments:

  • “Sandra’s emotional intelligence presentation was both insightful and immediately applicable to a wide range of participants in all our departments of law. I was especially impressed with her ability to lead a diverse group into observing how their EQ level supports or undermine the ‘mood’ of the total work environment. Her communication skills are entertaining and powerful, in addition to a keen sense of behavioral manners allows her to reach and relate to everyone present.” — Daniel Muse, Former City Attorney, Department of Law, City and County of Denver
  • “Excellent enthusiasm to keep us going and involved. Good material and personal evaluation tests.”
  • “Right to the point, no side tracking!”
  • “Got me to think about changes in my outward attitude.”
  • What did you like most about the class?: “The showing of how to exercise better communication, leadership and managing skills.”
  • “An outstanding training consultant.”
  • “Thank you for committing your time and effort to develop excellent handouts and inspiring me to continue with my professional and personal visions. Your style of ‘teaching’ is something I want to obtain.”
  • “This was an excellent class-it challenged my mind.”
  • “An upbeat instructor. She gives a lot of herself.”
  • “A very dynamic speaker! Good information!”
  • “Sandra is an excellent instructor. I would like to see her used for more classes.”
  • “Every class that Sandra presents is outstanding and inspirational.”
  • “What I liked best about the class was the ability to relate aspects of the class with real life situations and the ability of students to respond to ideas.”
  • “Instructor enthusiastic and well versed in subject. Great presentation-showed where I need to improve.”
  • “The instructor’s enthusiasm for her subject and her humor/willingness to interact with the class.”
  • “I just wanted to let you know that your seminar has made me look at all my ‘people encounters’ a little differently (both over the phone and in person). I think about how I would have handled the situation or how I can make things go a little more smoothly. Thanks for sharing your enthusiasm with us.”
  • “By far, you have surpassed all the previous training classes we have attended. Your style in conducting the three sessions was extremely refreshing to me. Your first impression upon initial acquaintance was very outgoing and friendly. The content of the classes was just as refreshing as your style and personality. The self-introspection I learned about myself through these sessions will undoubtedly make me a better worker, as well as a better supervisor. My personal “paradigm shifts” has definitely improved my general attitude toward more positive and my interpersonal relationships are now more rewarding. For that, I am grateful.
  • “Your presentation skills are quite excellent. Your use of visual aids, overheads, and handouts to completely cover the material made the information more accessible as well as easier to understand. You were well organized, kept to your schedule, and made the best use of the time that was available. Your personal interactions with the group as a whole and individually made the sessions seem more personal, which ultimately leads to each person getting more out of the sessions. You also had the unique ability to make the entire group more formalized with each other and make us work together as a team.”

Comments from a Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® class:

  • “Excellent examples! Sandra kept my attention the entire time-I did not look at the clock hourly! Sandra has great energy-I look forward to taking future courses with her.”
  • “Excellent instruction and speaker-involved all participants in the group. Very interactive and ice breaking for people.”
  • “Good examples-good interaction-personal involvement.”
  • “This was a great refresher for me. I had forgotten a lot of detail and will apply what I learned to improve. Thanks for a great class.”
  • “Good job; best CPE course I’ve been to. Good discussion leader.”
  • “Sandra is always wonderful at presenting practical examples. Makes the class fly.”


Kara Stafford Lindahl offered the top qualities of the presentaion: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity
“Sandra is passionate about courage especially when it comes to making sure every woman exudes her own unique courageous style. She is a true example of a courageous woman and she shares from her heart and with an inspiring spirit. In a former job as the Manager for Women’s Leadership, I was responsible for the annual women’s leadership conference, including the theme and speakers. I decided the 2012 conference theme would be “The Courageous Leader.” When I found Sandra’s website, I was very excited as she appeared to be a perfect fit since she was known as “the courage expert.” I read about Sandra and her work before I spoke with her so I had a lot of excitement and anticipation before our call. As I spoke with Sandra, I could actually feel her heart and spirit across the phone line, across many miles, as she was in Denver and I was in Cleveland. We had a connection and I felt that she was the right woman to be the keynote at the Cleveland YWCA’s 7th Annual Women’s Leadership Conference. Fortunately, though no longer in my role at the YWCA, I had the opportunity to attend the conference as a participant and hear Sandra speak. She did not disappoint, and she received a standing ovation. She made a great impact on the nearly 350 women in attendance helping us all see the courage in ourselves that we call upon on a daily basis in our work life, home life, and relationships. I highly recommend Sandra if you are looking for an expert speaker on courageous leadership who has an important message to share and who does it with heart and spirit, engaging the audience and helping them to discover and learn more about who they are.” March 27, 2012

Loretta Shaffer, CDME, Director of Marketing and Internet, Beaches of South Walton Tourist Development Council 
“Wow, talk about a fantastic keynote speaker with amazing information and fantastic delivery! I was so honored to have the opportunity to meet Sandra after one of her keynote presentations and was so impressed with both her professionalism and knowledge. I would highly recommend Sandra in any professional setting as her passion for Courage in professional and personal settings is admirable!”

Gary Namie, PhD, Workplace Bullying University, Workplace Bullying Institute’s training for professionals (colleague)
“For nearly a decade, I’ve admired Sandra’s work on Courage. I believe she is tapping one of the key underlying aspects of human behavior that distinguish positive from negative experiences. When a person languishes with the “coulda, woulda, shoulda” philosophy, she or he could have used a dose of courage. Sandra can show individuals through her coaching that positive outcomes are not only accessible more readily than the negative ones, but that the risks anticipated are overestimated. Courageous decisions are actually easier and less stressful to make than the over-thought and postponed ones. Only with the help of her expertise can someone discover the paradoxical ease of not only doing the right thing but the most personally beneficial things for oneself.”

Taylor Mallory Holland, Former Little PINK Book Editor, PINK magazine (business partner) was with another company when working with you
“Sandra Walston is a positive, cutting-edge thinker whose message about the power of courage could change the world. Her philosophies were a regular inspiration to me when she blogged for the PINK magazine website, which I formerly managed. Her immense kindness and optimism are contagious and inspirational. I’m lucky to have worked with her and proud to call her my friend!”

Linda Devonish-Mills, CMA,CPA, MBA, Director, Corporate Development and Advocacy, Institute of Management Accountants 
“The Institute of Management Accountants conducts a webinar series monthly for members of the organization to inform them of issues that impact the management accounting profession. During December 2007 and December 2008, I had the pleasure of moderating webinars where Sandra served as our guest speaker. Her topics were on Communication and Time Management skills. Sandra is a dynamic speaker who was able to emphasize the impact that effective communication and time management skills has in both professional and personal settings. She was very successful with encouraging dialogue with me as the moderator, which is an important component of making a webinar successful. The setup of our webinars does not allow for participation from attendees. However, based on evaluations received, I think that there would have been strong participation from attendees if given that option. Feedback received from participants through inquiries indicated that there was an interest in taking notes on points that Sandra made reference to during the webinar on time management skills that were not illustrated in an accompanying power point presentation. It should be noted that participants would not take notes if there was not an interest in the subject matter. I would highly recommend Sandra Ford Walston to serve as a guest speaker at any forums that encourages professional development among individuals employed at corporations/organizations.”

Rowena Morais, Programme Director, Flipside and Editor, Accelerate Magazine 
“I am very happy to have gotten to know Sandra. Researching the area of courage, I came across Sandra’s profile. She very happily agreed to contribute an article on this topic area, in Accelerate Magazine, some time back. Sandra is warm and generous of spirit and is doing truly valuable work in the area of courage leadership. Her vision of what it means to be courageous in all aspects of our lives will be enriching to all those fortunate enough to meet her or access her work.”

Connie Evans, Project Manager, Jones/NCTI 
“I met Sandra many years ago at a training program she conducted on women and courage for Women in Cable and Telecommunications (WICT). During her presentation about “Courage” she used a standard ladder to represent an analogy about how we become stuck on a step (“He who hesitates before each step spends his life on one leg.”). That depiction of her standing on a lower step of the ladder is such a vivid memory that I always relate it to Courage in my own life. The “Courage” presentation revealed the 12 “Behaviors of Courage.” This insight was so informative for me, I knew I had to find a way to get to know this powerful woman. At the event I purchased her book, COURAGE The Heart and Spirit of Every Woman, which she graciously autographed, and then I met her several times over coffee to discuss training opportunities, how I could become more courageous, and later she interviewed me for her second book. Sandra came into my life quite unexpectedly. Her vision, knowledge and most of all, her Courage has helped me become a much better leader, manager and person.”