The COURAGE Difference

at Work

The Unique Success Guide for Women


“No one has looked back sadly on a life full of experiences, but many look back wishing they had had the courage to do more.”  — Anonymous


Introduction: Assessing Your Personal Assets at Work

Obstacle 1: Inertia—Give Yourself Permission to Claim Your Courage

Obstacle 2: Intimidation—Take on the Tough Project

Obstacle 3: Denial—Exit Bad Situations Quickly

Obstacle 4: Blame—Work Without Regrets

Obstacle 5: Uncertainty—Hold Yourself Accountable

Obstacle 6: Invisibility—Showcase Your Talents

Obstacle 7: Defeat—Manifest Your Vision

Obstacle 8: Self-Neglect—Motivate Yourself from Within

Obstacle 9: Self-Doubt—Establish Higher Standards

Obstacle 10: Apathy—Instill Self-Discipline

Obstacle 11: Manipulation—Reveal Your Vulnerability

Obstacle 12: Ambiguity—Confront Uncomfortable Truths

Final Actions: Stop Doing and Start Being

Conclusion: Answering Frequently Asked Questions

Reading Group Questions and Topics for Discussion


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