Enneagram Endorsement

July 22, 2019 Abbigail Nichols, pursuing my CPA certification

“I am so glad I attended Sandra Ford Walston’s CPE Class “Personality Models: An Introduction to the Enneagram, Nine Ways of Living and Working”. I was able to learn more about myself and the way I function than I could have expected. The understanding I gained has helped me to let go of some of the struggles in my life, not only at work but personally. Knowing how my personality affects my decisions has allowed me to recognize when I am perpetuating my false truth, and change my actions. I appreciate Sandra’s insights and tips on how to suffer less in life, and am feeling the positive changes in myself already!”

— Abbigail Nichols, currently pursuing my CPA certification

June 26, 2017 Kayleigh M. Hunter, CPA candidate June 26,2017 after taking “Personality Models – an Introduction to the Enneagram – Nine Ways of Living and Working

The Enneagram assessment is based on what your heart feels, how your mind works and what your body experiences to understand what you need to be mentally healthy. I learned my tendencies under stress and in growth periods.  It explains my communication style, what causes me stress and how I can further my personal (and professional) development.  Also, it describes what hinders my personal development and how others can help support my personal development.

All of these things are especially important in a professional setting because you have to understand yourself to be able to adapt to other’s styles. What enriches my growth may be a hindrance to another, and as a professional, it is imperative to recognize and adapt to environmental factors in a way that everyone can thrive.

I feel like personal development is a must alongside professional development. In periods of professional growth your mindset is altered, and you must nurture your personality simultaneously for an ideally positive effect.  Sometimes you are so conditioned in the way that you see things, that your reality is skewed.  The Enneagram will open your mind to new perspectives.

Sandra Ford Walston teaches differently. She has a way of engaging the audience that isn’t typical for lectures although other presenters try but rarely succeed. Maybe they don’t succeed because they ask for right or wrong answers, and Sandra asks questions to receive more in depth answers. I’ve noticed in the two classes I’ve taken of Sandra’s that in the beginning, the crowd seems a little hesitant to respond to her inquiry, but once they see how Sandra reacts with others, how you’re truly trying to gain insight and reflect on the topic in a way that attendees will understand—then the others open up.  I have also found that, by doing this, I understand other perspectives better, with real life examples.  So, I always enjoy Sandra’s classes, and always leave with new ideas, new direction and feeling refreshed, almost empowered.  I was definitely empowered after the courage class. Sandra gives tools and resources for further self-exploration long after the class has ended.


January 27, 2017

To Whom It May Concern:

At our Design firm, we had the pleasure of Sandra Ford Walston hosting “Personality Models – an Introduction to the Enneagram – Nine Ways of Living and Working” at our annual, all firm Training/Personal Development day. And what an experience it was! To attempt to introduce the Enneagram in a half day format was quite a feat; one that needed a clear and succinct format. Sandra’s timeline was organized, consistent, and fraught with intentional detail.

Sandra’s class format was incredibly balanced, loaded with groundbreaking content and tremendous insight based upon her vast knowledge of the many nuances of the Enneagram. The class dynamic was truly extraordinary! She utilized active participation, critical feedback, and a high level of contagious energy to keep the rhythm of the program flowing and personalized to the needs of the group. Some feedback from the attendees included:

  • “I have NEVER experienced anything like this before. To take the time to ask such critical questions of myself and my intentions… truly a dynamic experience!”
  • “Sandra was extremely engaging and fun to listen to. She made all of the caricatures so relatable and easy to identify!”
  • “What a fabulous program! The content was so eye-opening, and truthfully, life changing. I don’t think I will ever view people/communication the same!”
  • “Sandra was so helpful and determined to coach us through each number of the Enneagram. And she was REALLY funny, what a spitfire!! I needed THAT kind of feedback!”

Truly, this program has radically altered the trajectory of our firm for many, many years to come! Thanks Sandra for all your stellar communication, support, and energy poured into this program… truly a memorable experience!


Thomas Kanan, Esquire

Understanding personality types can only communicate ideas about each type’s reality, not reality itself. At work, each Enneagram type has a characteristic agenda and operates within a particular decision-making frame. A partner in a law firm, Thomas Kanan, said, “The Enneagram system of personality classification is a tool for self-knowledge. It is used as a means of understanding the motivation of others and their preferred working styles and problem-solving techniques. The Enneagram is unique in its ability to be used almost immediately in everyday business and social settings for enhancing communications with others.”

Mr. Kanan is a Nine and believes that to be loved and valued one must blend in and go along to get along. Consequently, Mediators are self-forgetting, harmony seeking, comfortable, and steady, but also conflict avoidant and sometimes stubborn. He is under enormous pressure to practice law, participate in the management of the firm and work with strong personalities, “It is fascinating to me how I now can react to my own habitual practice in a more effective and successful manner. Understanding my type, I have become more decisive and assertive which increased my confidence to express and maintain my boundaries.”

National director and vice president of a consulting engineering firm, Keith Ferguson has been studying the Enneagram for over fifteen years, “Learning the Enneagram helped to reinforce the fact that each person has unique gifts to offer and some fundamental roadblocks that stand in the way. The Enneagram reinforces the awareness that no one personality is the best but that we all can make a real difference when we discover the greater gifts that we have and can learn to offer them without conditions. Second, it has helped me to rise above the typical personality ‘ego’ battles that take place in the workplace and to stay focused on higher ideals.” Employees utilizing the Enneagram learn how to clear their mind so discernment is possible to achieve the greater good of the company’s goals.”

A Three, Keith Ferguson said, “Without the Enneagram, it is much easier to keep getting pulled back into the quagmire of interpersonal competition and defensive behaviors.”


Colleen Abdoulah, President & CEO, WOW   

On June 25, 2003 Wide Open West retained Sandra Walston to present to fifty members of our senior management team, as part of our annual leadership/operations meeting. The topic was the Enneagram and how it can heighten self-awareness, and how our strengths and challenges influence our ability to be effective leaders.

Sandra exceeded our expectations. She had done her homework. She was familiar with the group participants; the content that had been covered over the previous 2.5 days; the overall objectives, culture, and areas of focus for the group. She was able to weave the operating objectives and challenges into her presentation, making the content timely and relevant.

When reviewing the feedback forms, everyone scored the development session and Sandra with an “Excellent” grade. People asked for her to come back for more at our next leadership gathering. And this is a very discriminating group, who are hard driving, bottom-line oriented folks, who don’t like to waste time with any thing that is not going to ‘move the needle’.

She is full of energy, passion and knowledge. She is a great presenter and expert in her field. I would recommend her to any group looking for insight, wisdom, and motivating, actionable content.


Colleen Abdoulah

President & CEO

Wide Open West