What Makes a Courageous Woman?

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Courageous women keep pressing forward when they have been passed over at work. They restructure their goals, take charge and manifest a new vision. Whammo, they have reinvented themselves one more time. Settling is not an option. They know courage is an inside job, and “managing up” is the key to stepping up and taking control (“She who hesitates before each step spends her life on one leg.”).

Courageous women face uncertainty head on. Feeling discouraged is unacceptable. When someone tries to undermine their purpose with the “too syndrome” (“too strong,” “too bright, “too determined,” or “too focused”…), they reclaim their long dormant feminine energy of courage. Courage becomes their chief ally to face the challenges.

Courageous women recognize defining moments as they happen. Being a martyr to keep peace or maintain status quo is intolerable. These attitudes stifle courage. These women are proud of their authenticity when they are effective and forthright. They are eager to discover the next opportunity. They find themselves constantly asking, “What if I had unlimited courage?”

Courageous women recognize and subscribe to the behaviors of courage. “Know thyself” becomes the mantra that lights their path. They become role models to imprint courage for other women. Their unsung stories of courage are proudly declared so all women can stand in the celebration. This flowing reservoir of courage is then passed on to their daughters, nieces and the girl next door.

Courageous women “turn up” the quantity of courage—it’s the virtue they already possess! They look into their hearts and realize their life’s purpose. They use daily the language of courage such as declaring a courageous intention. They know their words describe their reality. They recognize that there is a direct correlation between their success quotient and their courage quotient.

Courageous women know courage is about their make-up—that it is a fundamental part of their nature. They are free to act through the portal of their hearts. Such actions embody the original definition of courage meaning, “heart and spirit.”

What’s your courage quotient? Curious to find out?

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