Segment #8: Reinvent Self

One of the keys to productivity is to have the courage to do things differently. That is probably why many traditional organizations are constantly trying to reinvent their leadership models and redefine expectations. Strategizing means the ability to re-create daily, not just during the annual budget meeting at corporate headquarters. There’s a tendency for people to naturally know this. Rather than accept the comfort of apathy, they trust their own abilities, define their careers and demonstrate the self-discipline necessary to create the business of their dreams.
For example, to reinvent you might consider changing departments to learn something new that adds a “star” to your resume. Or, if you are a woman and you feel like being wicked and wild, for fun, buy a wig.

o Question: How often do you reinvent yourself?

o Answer: Apathy is this week’s obstacle and the courage action to overcome this obstacle is “instill self-discipline.”

o The quote to prominently post for the week: “No one has looked back sadly on a life full of experiences, but many look back wishing they had had the courage to do more.” — Anonymous

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