Preparing for Courageous Speech

Preparing for Courageous Speech

As you contemplate the importance of predicaments you are facing, you will want to make sure you have the facts in order. To project your voice above the crowd, practice courageous speech in advance whenever possible. Speaking confidently requires composure building. The following checklist provides an easy way to achieve this goal.

•  You have determined that the issue is worth addressing.

•  You have the necessary facts (by paring away the personal opinion and emotion).

•  You know the risks (“What happens if …?”).

•  You are familiar with the players and understand their perspectives. (“Who will make decisions?” and “Who will be impacted by the decisions?”)

•  You know the outcome you desire.

•  Assess the most effective style for speaking up.

•  Develop a strategy.

•  Implement your strategy.

•  Audit the results.

•  And return to the beginning if necessary!

As you master a mix of the essential elements to step up, you will notice centering in courage comes in clusters. Giving yourself permission to be courageous, keeping an eye on your results, making your expectations clear, earning a new “star” on your resume, and asking for the tough project are a few examples featured in this book. Take a moment to ponder how frequently you self-edit your reservoir of courage. How many times do you notice an opportunity too late—a chance gone by never to be reclaimed? Are you stepping up?
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