Plutos and Jupiters List Their Assets

We all have our preference for time management and perceive our way of managing time as the best. While conducting a Continuing Professional Education program for finance people, I asked participants to write on a flipchart the answers to this question: What do you perceive are your greatest time management assets? Below are their answers. Can you identify and do you agree?

Jupiter folks consider their greatest assets to be:

• Neat and well organized

• Diligent about proofing all work

• Believe that accuracy is more important than speed

• Efficient and good at planning

• Dependable and predictable

• Good with follow through and follow up

• Anal retentive

• Effective at prioritizing

• Love the motto: “Just do it!”

Pluto folks consider their greatest assets to be:

• Flexibility

• Adaptable attitude: “Don’t worry; it will get done!”

• Full knowledge of what comprises all the piles

• Enthusiastic about change

• Believe that multi-tasking is the key

• More well-rounded

• Able to make transitions quickly and easily to handle a crisis

• Believe their time is well spent doing something meaningful

In two weeks I will blog about tips that you can use to reach out to your peers, family or a stranger who might prefer your opposite approach to managing time.


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