Leading Women book review by Dr. Nancy O’Reilly


“The bull’s-eye that we women must learn to hit consistently is the true Self.”

~Sandra Walston, The Courage Expert


When an empowering woman and advocate for women ask another author to participate in contributing a chapter to her book, you want shout with joy, and I did. What a compliment and an honor. This is why I am sending out a special newsletter about the release of Dr. Nancy O’Reilly’s book.

Dr. Nancy O’Reilly embraced 19 other women (including me) and invited each to write a chapter for her book entitled Leading Women: 20 Influential Women Share Their Secrets to Leadership, Business, and Life. These 19 women are empowered advocates to her cause and co-authors.

Dr. Nancy found value in my work with this thought, “Is your life and career on target or have you misplaced the path of your true desire?” I urge every woman to ask herself this probing question.  This question and my unusual approach and analysis of how women use their natural courage to pursue their true passion that inspired her to include my expertise in Leading Women.

Intrigued with my 20 years of original research on feminine courage, Dr. Nancy invited me to talk about my passion on her podcasts to discuss the findings of my bestseller and internationally book, COURAGE: The Heart and Spirit of Every Woman/Reclaiming the Forgotten Virtue. In fact Dr. O’Reilly has interviewed me three times on WomenConnect4Good podcasts.

Dr. Nancy says, “Too often, women make choices that benefit everyone else in our lives instead of doing what we are personally passionate about.” She continues, “We move in directions that take us further from our dreams. We rob ourselves of connections that could sustain us and of relationships that bring us joy.”

To help lift up women and empower them for the lives they want to live, Dr. O’Reilly chose amazing women experts who had survived the trenches and wrote chapters to share their secrets to success, including how to:

  • Build dynamic companies and careers
  • Create strong relationships
  • Connect and collaborate with other women
  • Conquer the barriers that keep you from the satisfying life you want for yourself, your family and your community.

Along with the other Leading Women co-authors, I constantly advocate for women within my area of expertise and we all discussed our stories and purpose with Dr. Nancy O’Reilly on WomenSpeak.com/WomenConnect4Good.org.  I was grateful to be chosen as one of the best women empowerment authors and speakers to co-author Leading Women with topics like:

  • claiming your power to accomplish what you want,
  • gaining credibility through powerful communications, and
  • using your personal courage to hit the bull’s-eye of your fulfilling purpose.

“The bull’s-eye, says Dr. Nancy, “is Sandra’s brain-child concept of focusing your courage consciousness on the correct path for your true Self. Too many people, especially women, start on a path that has little to do with who they are.”

My chapter addresses this focus with this message:

When women pursue their true purpose and passion they can hit the bull’s-eye of

self-fulfillment and positive impact on others. Four questions guide a process

of meditative self-reflection to awaken true courage with stories of women who

have hit their bull’s-eyes and three keys to enable course correction.

 “If you’re not living the life you want or think that you can’t risk taking a chance or the hundreds of other excuses women make, follow  my advice and own your courage, that inborn strength that comes from your heart.” Leading Women shares what other women have done to overcome those fears. You CAN live your dream and succeed when you aim for the bull’s-eye.




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