Embrace Your Courage During Times of Uncertainty

The biggest obstacle faced by today’s employees can be summed up in two words: unprecedented uncertainty. Failure to acknowledge this new reality is to live in denial and risk not just personal success but a company’s success and survival. Thinking differently and being willing to challenge self-doubt during times of uncertainty requires courage.

We all know that uncertainty is an inevitable condition throughout life. Accepting the impossibility of knowing the future, of predicting an outcome, requires enormous courage. While we would like to get up each day to face this perpetual unknown with courage, all too often, we feel dis-couraged. Maybe that’s why the Roman philosopher Seneca wrote, “Sometimes even to live is an act of courage.”

Courage is the most vital virtue in today’s climate of uncertainty. By recognizing, developing and wielding the power of personal courage, you can draw on courage-centeredness.

Learning Objectives:

  • What is the true definition of courage?
  • What are the behaviors that infiltrate uncertainty?
  • What are the courage actions to overcome uncertainty?
  • How to keep “stepping up” to display courageous leadership.

Stepping up in courage requires you to step deeper into yourself. Only by delving beneath the shallow thought patterns and melodramas of the ego personality can you discover your true Self, thus nurturing your courage and empowering you to take specific courage actions to overcome uncertainty.

Are you willing to tap into your personal courage to overcome uncertainty?

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