Do You Use the Word Courage??

Courrrrage said the Cowardly Lion from the “Wizard of OZ”! Yes, this word is hard to say! When was the last time you used it?

Have you ever gone through your work day and looked in the mirror and said, “I wish I’d had more courage!”?

My interactive approach as a presenter goes beyond being motivational: the angle brings a shift from conformity (a courage killer) to stepping up to apply the most important virtue: courage!

Reflect on these three questions:
1. What’s your definition of courage and why is it vital to claim it for yourself?
2. Why would your organization find value in incorporating courageous leadership skills?
3. What action would you do right now if you had unlimited courage?

As a global speaker I am on a mission to resurrect the power of everyday courage and courageous leadership by simply embracing the original courage definition, meaning “heart and spirit.”

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