Courage Embraces Self-Love

The experience of self-love reveals itself around my level of courage. I constantly monitor my spirit and ask, “Is my reservoir of courage brimming over or is it low?” Generally, there is a correlation: if my reservoir of courage is low, then usually my self-love is waning. I know that courage is a state of mind, and I must diligently stay centered in courage consciousness.

Throughout the day I constantly remind myself that the true definition of courage means “heart and spirit.” So, I ask, “Is my self-love being magnified to its utmost vibration?” For example, how often do I swallow my voice in a day or week rather than practice “where courage meets grace?” My self-love is confirmed when I choose to have a courageous conversation (rather than denial). Another benefit for applying my courage is to substantiate that my Spiritual Intelligence (SQ) steadily increases, and that is the ultimate self-love vibration.

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