Catch-22s Executives Face to Apply Courageous Leadership

Over the years as a Courage Coach and Organizational Courage Consultant, employees at all levels have shared with me intriguing Catch-22s. Below is one you might find interesting:

As an executive, the director of HR shared a situation about a courageous hiring decision that demonstrated courageous leadership. 

Sue said, “While it would have been the risk free and popular decision to merely promote an internal favorite candidate to a recently vacated executive position, I decided to take a significant professional risk by recommending the hire of a stellar candidate external to the organization who could lead a very important department from competent to excellent. This choice, would likely dictate structural change and alter “business as usual.” It took courage to approach my boss, the CEO, with this suggestion, as he was being pressured from department members to stick with the usual practice of “hiring from within”. Additionally, several long-term directors of other departments were threatened by a sharp “outsider” joining the organization. Ultimately my boss opted to go the less courageous route and promote from within. I am happy with the direction I took, despite the result, as it was the right thing to do.

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