12 Interview Questions to Flush Out Courageous Leadership Skills


Traditional interview skills used to seek how the candidate would handle a situation in the future. Now, behavioral interview skills ask a potential candidate how they handled a situation in the past. In the behavioral interview, the interviewer has decided on the skills they are seeking and assess, based on the responses, how you behaved.

What if you aspired to create a courageous leadership branding value for your organization? What interview questions might you ask?

Below are 12 questions to flush out courageous leadership skills:

  1. What type of work situation would keep you up at nights?
  2. If you perceive yourself as successful, how has image played a supportive role?
  3. How have professional regrets played a role in your life?
  4. Describe a situation where a prominent person in the organization was clearly attempting to intimidate you, how did you react to the situation?
  5. What do you do when you are confronted with a situation that screams “red flag?”
  6. Describe one example of a courageous leadership action that you’re proud of?
  7. How do you operate in a status quo environment?
  8. What behaviors have you demonstrate that support peer advocacy?
  9. Have you ever fallen on your sword, and if yes, what prompted that choice?
  10. Have you ever chosen to stand alone in your convictions, and if so, describe your values that prompted that choice?
  11. The workplace is full of paradoxes. Have you ever been given a project that you felt made no sense but you weren’t sure what to do? Describe that situation.
  12. When faced with a conflict of interest, how do you support your image to validate the ethics of the organization?

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