Audio: “Courageous Leadership”

Recorded Teleclass

“Courageous Leadership:

Do You Demonstrate It or Are You Stuck?”

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I instruct at the University of Denver a program called “Courageous Leadership: Do You Demonstrate It or Are You Stuck?” Purchase this condensed 1.15 hour recorded live teleclass. Leadership is what courage is all about.

Teleclass description:

StuckThinking™ is a powerful, sometimes overwhelming, condition that everyone experiences, especially during a tough economy. How can you determine where your thinking has you stuck, and what can you do to get back on track? The simple answer is “courageous leadership.” Invariably, when we identify our own impediments to the energy of courage, we also find the solutions to our StuckThinking™, empowering ourselves to overcome the obstacles that hold us back.

What you will learn:

• Define the behaviors of courageous leadership.

• Expose the hindrances to everyday courage and courageous leadership.

• Identify behaviors of lost courage.

• How to boost your courage quotient to keep stepping up?

Courageous leadership means seeing yourself as a leader no matter your role or position. CEOs, managers, front line or entrepreneurs, if you wish to discover how to develop your courage and how to apply it at work (courageous leadership), then this recorded and introductory teleclass is for you.

Duration: 1 hour and 15 minutes

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