People are always blaming circumstances for what they are. I don’t believe in circumstances. The people who get on in this world are those with the courage to get up and look for the circumstances they want and if they can’t find them, they have the courage to make them.
— George Bernard Shaw

ManBoxWith workers at every income level facing tight job markets, stalled careers and diminishing opportunities, workplace obstacles seem larger than ever. Learning how to apply courageous leadership at work strikes a new approach to overcoming the StuckThinking™ behind workplace obstacles.

StuckThinking™ is a powerful, sometimes overwhelming, condition that everyone experiences, especially during times of uncertainty whether it’s a tough economy or personal issues. But what can be done about this dilemma? How can you determine where your thinking has you stuck, and what can you do to get back on track? The simple answer is “everyday courage.”

Invariably, when you identify your own impediments to everyday courage, you also find the solutions to your StuckThinking™, empowering you to overcome obstacles like intimidation, self-doubt and inertia.

Courage consciousness in the workplace means anyone can:

  • Realize a higher level of job satisfaction,
  • Earn more rapid advancement at work,
  • Develop stronger interpersonal and leadership skills,
  • Experience personal fulfillment at work, and
  • Transcend the limitations of any situation.

Simply put, eliminating StuckThinking™ requires the power of everyday courage. Regardless of your unique circumstances, courage elevates your consciousness into the realm of truth, empowering you to advance your life’s work.

The key here is that everyday courage is “standard equipment” in everyone! You simply need to begin a process of self-assessment that reveals which obstacles keep you stuck. Once you identify your own personal obstacles, you can begin to practice the matching courage actions that empower you to overcome your obstacles.

Ms. Walston’s extensive research, firsthand experience and ongoing work (as an organizational effectiveness consultant, keynote speaker and Courage Coach) provide an established platform for this message. Ms. Walston continues to demonstrate the effectiveness of courage development and courage leadership with a wide-ranging clientele and through her teachings at the University of Denver.

A courage consciousness culture moves people from the tricks and traps of the human condition so you or your organization:

  • Improve earnings per share,
  • Perfect retention,
  • Accelerate synergistic production, and
  • Improve morale.

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