What Keeps Women from Claiming Their Courage?

Today, more than ever, women will have to make tough choices based on contradictory advice. What can you do about this dilemma, and how can you determine where you’re stuck in the decision-making process? Most of us are stuck in one place or another whether it’s denial, uncertainty or blame.
If we look to the pages of history, we find women like Victoria Woodhull, who demonstrated the ability to overcome obstacles that make our present-day hardships pale by comparison. Are these women an anomaly, or can every woman learn how to overcome life’s obstacles? Based on the author’s sixteen years of original research, this program provides insights that empower women to overcome the twelve biggest obstacles that keep them stuck. Whether you’re stuck in money concerns, stuck in the workplace or stuck between layoffs, bleak job prospects, just stuck in a dead-end job or stuck in life’s complacencies, Sandra delivers an important message:
You have the courage within you to overcome any obstacle.
A true understanding of courage begins with its origins—the Old French word corage, meaning “heart and spirit.” In other words, courage is an innate quality that resides within the core of every human being. Since feminine courage remains virtually unrecognized in our culture, it holds tremendous potential as a source of personal empowerment, happiness, job satisfaction and social advancement.
This program reveals why only 11% of women perceive themselves as courageous, and how women become stuck in obstacles that hold them back from making critical financial decisions. Learn the
•  Advantages for women who claim their courage through intention,
•  Benefits to overcome inertia, douse intimidation and stop manipulation,
•  Dilemmas that hold the “feminine courage concept” back,
•  Eight “Cs” that reveal the opposite of courage,
•  Rewards for moving into the realm of courage consciousness, and the
•  Power of collective feminine energy of courage.
Once the twelve courage obstacles are identified women can employ the twelve courage action skills and insert courage in all aspects of their lives—financial and work! What they will learn is that there is a direct correlation between their success quotients and their courage quotients.
In the end, recognizing one’s courage and acting in courage are not so much about what you are doing as who you are being! Regardless of age, background or job description, anyone willing simply to know her own “heart and spirit,” can follow her courage to the highest levels of success.

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