What is Too Much Courage?

What is Too Much Courage?

How can you ever have too much courage—and I don’t mean being foolhardy or brave?

  • Why is it that people will change only when the pain of staying in the old pattern is greater than the pain of change?
  • Why linger in so much suffering?

There is a simple choice: you can choose to build and draw from a reservoir of courage. I know when my courage reservoir is low. The key question is this:

  • Are you willing to give yourself permission to claim your individual courage?

If you declare YES, this courage conscious choice supports you to stand up for the self you know to be you. When you choose to design new choices you limit the residual of regret that lingers in your spirit. This is not found in Business 101! You know when you’ve stayed on a job far too long because it’s bleeding your heart, not feeding your spirit. The more you exercise your courage, the more courage you will have.


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