True fear is a survival signal that sounds only in the presence of danger; yet, our culture is stuck in the creation of dualities, such as courage or fear (good/bad, pretty/ugly, peace/war, etc.). In other words, you can’t have courage without fear. Not true! Let’s say you’re an entrepreneur. You go to work and learn your biggest client has gone to your competitor. Do you allow anxiety to take over in the form of projections, such as “I am going to go under…” At this point, a courageous person not aligned in fear observes the mental chatter knowing the ego or false self is creating unnecessary suffering. A courageous entrepreneur (or employee at any level) does not spend much time in regrets. Fear blocks and paralyzes the heart; therefore, fear blocks courage. The etymology of courage means, “heart and spirit.” Access right now: what percentage of your life is filled with regret? Regrets are lost courage.




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