The Importance of Courage at Work


In today’s business world, the importance of everyday courage cannot be over-emphasized, especially for those of us who must balance the demands of family and career. Consider these very real situations.

  • Behind closed doors, a manager bullies and denigrates an employee.
  • The best-qualified person is passed over for a promotion (again).
  • An employee realizes that he has made an error in a corporate proposal.
  • A happily married woman hits a career roadblock when her employer assumes that motherhood will interfere with her job performance.
  • An engineer is reluctant about taking time off to have surgery when his co-workers are being laid off right and left.

These examples characterize significant obstacles faced by workers on a regular basis. If we follow our natural thought patterns and behavioral tendencies, we remain stuck in these kinds of situations, but responding with courage activates a valuable personal energy source that you will come to recognize and use as you read this book.

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