Techniques to “Start Being” Courageous

Want to be happier and more successful? First, it starts with being courageous. I am not talking about jumping from high buildings like Superman. I am talking about making smart choices and supporting yourself with self-management techniques and good friends.

Here are some discussion points and action items you can do alone or with friends:

Start Being:

  • Start saying: “I declare my intention to be courageous,” then you will exhibit your personal courage.
  • Start being one hundred percent accountable for how you design your life.
  • Start perceiving yourself as courageous.
  • Start changing the way you organize your time.
  • Start something that supports you to look deeply at your obstacles, patterns and scripts.
  • Start reflecting on the times you found courage inside yourself (that you didn’t know you had).
  • Start adding some stress management practices.
  • Start acquiring wisdom (cease ignorance to courage).
  • Start confessing your downside, shortcomings, mishaps or missteps.
  • Start attacking the roots of your personal limitations.
  • Start making critical decisions that perpetuate change.
  • Start directing the patterns that govern your beliefs.
  • Start eliminating the stories that shape and limit your perceptions.
  • Start inviting self-observation (to seek a new level of courage consciousness).
  • Start invoking your own courage imagery.
  • Start bringing forth your true essence.
  • Start focusing on your potential.
  • Start monitoring the “courage signals” that move you up the leadership ladder (these represent your courage quotient).
  • Start aligning your personality with courage.
  • Start watching for what holds you back.
  • Start developing a new and refined image that depicts courage.
  • Start finding inner essence by eliminating hypocrisy.
  • Start surrounding yourself with people that support you to slow down and change.
  • Start moving more quickly from StuckThinking™.
  • Start daily introspection to stimulate self-analysis.
  • Start being the maker of your destiny (open to intuition).
  • Start detaching from results (expectations).
  • Start letting go of missteps (and start being a participant in life).
  • Start to identify the major turning points in your career.
  • Start defining your ideology.
  • Start practicing “where courage meets grace.”
  • Start being more approachable (make people more at ease).
  • Start a habit that calms (centers) you.
  • Start noticing how frequently you live in joy.
  • Start taking charge of your career fate.
  • Start discovering what provides you with equanimity (slowing is not synonymous with nonproductive). In other words, what is your stillness choice?
  • Start standing in your courage in spite of the circumstances.
  • Start reading an autobiography of a courageous woman.
  • Start practicing courageous will with intent so you can upgrade your learning.
  • Start finding your spiritual truth.
  • Start being harmonious with your life and environment.

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