Sample of StuckThinking™ Quotes

“There’s a plague sweeping our planet: Millions of individuals who grew up in the self-reflective afterglow of the 1960s are now hopelessly stuck on themselves. But it doesn’t have to be that way, says Dr. Jean Twenge, shining light on the difference between narcissism and true self-esteem.”
— EnlightenNext, September-November 2009, page 8

“Bottom Line: The world is a tough place right now, and we’re all looking for certainties, for things we can count on. If I’m stuck in this historic economic foxhole, I’d much rather be there with women like us who have lived a little than with the latest celebutante.”
— Lesley Jane Seymour, editor-in-chief MORE September 2009, “Certainty in Uncertain Times,” page 16

“As there were no real answers in her life. She was in abeyance. Stuck in a pattern of waiting for a future she could not guess.”
— Anya Seton, Green Darkness page 456

“There are some verses [in the Bible] I want to look up. It’s funny, I used to hate Bible classes, but some of it seems to have stuck.”
— Anya Seton, Green Darkness page 566

“Did you get paid or are you getting stuck.”
— Sandra Walston, Courage Coach

“This email got stuck in the middle of lots of hail claims and I missed it.”
— Dru

I knew there was no way we could do the series without Beethoven, but I realized we were a little stuck.”

“Stuck in repetitive loops, the story of who you are and who you aren’t can be emancipated when you stop the old behavior sets or the ‘ego fixation’ that arises from your driving force.”
— Sandra Walston, from Enneagram program taught at University of Denver, 2009

I am stuck in the middle with you.”
— radio announcer

“I am stuck in the mid-80s [golf] and I know I’m better than that.”
— Adam, trainer from the gym

Gopi Krishna moved way beyond his predicament [of the physical world]. Others get stuck in their dreamlands.”
— Piero Ferrucci, Inevitable Grace, page 105

“You can’t get stuck in negative feelings…”
— Fr. Thomas Keating, Oct. 18, 2008, Mini-Conference “The Divine Therapy.”

“You’re stuck in the elevator with the CEO or on the sidelines with your ex-in-laws.”
— Real Simple, June 2009, page 135, “The worst two minutes of your life”

“I absolutely refuse to get stuck in some dark tunnel where failure is the only option.”
— St. Paul Pioneer Press, 2/16/2009, Mary Hunt,

“If your sex drive is stuck in low gear or you often stop short of climaxing, it may be possible for you to switch drugs or reduce the dosage.”
— MORE, May 2009,  “Sex & Drugs,” page 164

“I don’t really drink. I’ve had a couple of bad hangovers and it kinda stuck.”
— Stephanie (friend)

“She didn’t make any choices, she got stuck.”
— 4/26/09 “In Treatment” HBO series

“Everyone is pretty much stuck in the human condition.”
— David Hawkins, M. D.

“If you’re stuck in here [house] Edie, it’s only with yourself,” says Big Edie,
— HBO movie “Grey Gardens” 4/18/09 and Little Edie responds, “I’m stuck here at my mother’s house!”

“Stuck on You!”
— Song by Lionel Richie

“Stuck in an old phone contract that doesn’t fit?”
— Comcast ad in PINK magazine Q2, 2009

“Stuck in the middle-management hell?”
— Q & E with Gail Evans from PINK magazine Q2, 2009

“I am stuck between being non-judgmental, accepting and caring [regarding my boy friend—man I plan to marry] versus separating myself from things I don’t agree with, and the fear of being manipulated and controlled [by his family].”
— Lisa, friend’s dilemma

“So, we are stuck in a high anxiety situation. We can predict the results of the politicians’ behavior rather well.”
— EWR, April 2009, Richard Maybury

“If you need a ride home [because of the snow] and you’re stuck, give me a call and I will come pick you up.”
— Allison, friend

“Forgiveness frees us from being stuck in the past.”
— Notes from Contemplative Course, 2009

“My pop stuck with me through a whole bunch of times when I thought I’d end up in juvie jail.”
— The Story of Edgar Sawtelle, page 439

“The stock market is stuck in knee-jerk reactions.”
— Sandra Walston

“It was about my need to get my Montreal report in and I couldn’t proceed until I had the notes from this other woman: ‘I’m at a standstill with the work I need to turn in because my colleague is not sending me her part of the project’—I’m stuck!”
— Lauren, Friend, April 1, 2009

“People recognize that women are excellent managers, but leadership is the next frontier. Now women are stuck at the managerial glass ceiling.”

“I feel like I am stuck somewhere between Doris Day in ‘Pillow Talk’ and ‘Midnight Lace,’ and what I need is to be Kim Novak in just about anything [head secretary dressing to go out for the evening].”
— “Mad Men” series

“… business-as-usual cannot be seen as fully human enterprise.  It’s narrow and wrong-headed assumptions that human beings are essentially economic creatures, and selfish ones at that, do not accord with the facts as we know them today. Nor to they speak to the hunger our culture feels to rise above the materialist quagmire in which we have become stuck.”

Dr. Danah Zohar, Spiritual Capital