A Newfield Teleclass with Sandra Ford Walston, The Courage Expert

You have the courage within you to overcome any obstacle.

With workers at every income level facing tight job markets and diminishing opportunities for advancement, workplace obstacles seem to exist at every turn. Being stuck is a powerful and sometimes overwhelming condition we can experience in today’s economy and changing workplace.

Courage provides the impetus, knowledge and fortitude to overcome any obstacle. It is an innate quality that resides within the core of every human being.

If you feel stuck, undervalued, overlooked or unable to effect as much positive change as you would like, then this class is for you. Drawing upon Sandra’s twenty years of original and extensive research, this program will provide applications to overcome the twelve major obstacles that ensnarl you in StuckThinking™ and help you attain real results using the twelve “courage actions.”

Through self-discovery, interaction and courage coaching, this interactive teleclass provides the actions needed to:

  • Step deeper into yourself and create more self-rewarding choices
  • Develop stronger interpersonal and coaching skills
  • Live more out of self-actuating motivation
  • Get back on track when you are STUCK

“Courage is required not only in a person’s occasional crucial decision for his own freedom, but in the little hour-to-hour decisions which place the bricks in the structure of his building of himself into a person who acts with freedom and responsibility.” – Rollo May