Sample Interview Questions for Television, Radio or Blog Radio:

 1. What are the hindrances that keep us (our culture) from claiming/perceiving courage?

2. What are some examples of courageous leadership (these that won’t make Oprah!)?

3. What are the hindrances to claim everyday courage and courageous leadership?

4. What can people do to implement courage consciousness?

5. What behaviors represent lost courage–the behaviors that keep you stuck on the same step of the ladder (“He who hesitates before last step spends his life on one leg.” — Ancient Chinese Proverb)? 

6. What are the “red flags” to lost courage and courageous leadership?

7. You say there are “cousins to courage.” What are a few examples?

8. What are some obstacles that keep us from living a courage-centered life?

9. You have trademarked StuckThinking™–what does StuckThinking™ mean?

10. What might be the one most important item to someone claiming courage?

11. What can a listener do to keep stepping up (without spending any money)?

12. If you were to leave the listener with one thought—what would it be?