Segment #7: Reveal Vulnerability

The storms that enter a courageous person’s work life offer opportunities for an honest assessment of what I call the “vulnerability meter.” This vulnerability indicator comes in many forms, such as acknowledging unhappiness, learning to move on through disastrous events and learning not to manipulate failures or mistakes. While this may seem like a sensible behavior pattern for anyone who works, the deeper truth is that revealing vulnerability represents integrity and authenticates the true Self (versus feeding the scripts of the false Self). This choice is the opposite of hiding mistakes or a weakness while utilizing forms of manipulation.

Manipulation is a negative energy that undermines integrity, breeds distrust and stifles “heart and spirit”—the original definition of courage. When we manipulate others to achieve our own goals, we have become stuck in uncourageous behavior patterns. These patterns undermine truth in order to perpetuate a false image. Revealing vulnerability, on the other hand, exposes a person’s true nature refusing to get stuck in the ego’s self-serving illusions.

o Question: Are you willing to expose your “heart and spirit” that reflects your true Self?

o Answer: The courage action to overcome this obstacle is “reveal your vulnerability.”

o The quote to prominently post for the week: Mignon McLaughlin said, “Courage can’t see around corners, but goes around them anyway.”

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