Segment #12: Embrace Faith

Wouldn’t it be nice if you knew a saint, such as St. Teresa of Avila? You could meet for a cup of herbal tea and talk about the aspects of working in an enlightened work environment. Hold on! Saints started out as ordinary people; then, their purpose unfolded. The difference between the saints and most of us is that they listened and trusted the undertones of their hearts (their courage) while the rest of us allowed our ego-based scripts to keep us wavering in uncertainty.

Uncertainty may seem unavoidable in our age of information overload, bombarded as we are with contradictory “facts” from every quarter making it harder and harder to distinguish truth from falsehood. But we all have a choice, and getting stuck in uncertainty is essentially choosing not to choose. By focusing our attention inward and following our hearts, we strengthen our faith in our true, courageous selves and step up, confident that we are following our own true paths.

Saint Teresa of Avila said, “I believe God filled our young souls with so much courage that, if we had possessed but half, we would undoubtedly have carried out our project just the same.”

Morale of the Story: All the great saints of all traditions taught this secret: You are it! You are already important, and the answers to your questions lie within (a knowingness not to be confused with arrogance)! How did all the enlightened saints know, and how did I not know? The courage action that enables us to move out of uncertainty is: hold yourself accountable. 

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