Segment #10: Confront Abuse

Recognizing first red flags that undermine success such as a client trying to discount your services or alter your course of action is a critical courage action. To stand in your dignity and confront a red flag means denial is not an option. Denial is a form of self-abuse that creates suffering depicted in sleepless nights. Denial is probably the easiest way to deal with hardship.

Reflect on a situation at work that causes tension (or worse) in your life. As you examine the situation, begin to notice your “default” courage settings. Then, take responsibility for your courage consciousness development and declare, “No more suffering.”

Question: How quickly do you size up bad situations and take a stand?
Answer: Summon your “courage style,” face the facts and… Exit bad situations quickly.
The quote to prominently post for the week: Maya Angelou said, “Life can be rough, it can be tough, but if you have the courage to love, you survive. Life loves those who live it.”

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