Recognizing Defining Moments Takes Courage

We find ourselves in a sphere of enormous change. Actually, this change might be labeled a national defining moment. Defining moments require us to stop and reflect before stepping up to claim our everyday courage. Before taking that critical first step, like the archer trying to hit a bull’s-eye, it is important to pause and ask a Socratic questions: How do we unite as a country and in our communities to find our everyday courage, and how useful is it?

Courageous people often sacrifice and forgo immediate satisfaction by taking risks and hurdling obstacles to achieve a long-range goal. They identify, claim and apply the original definition of courage, meaning “heart and spirit.” When a situation requires them to “step up” and display authenticity, they do! Maybe that’s why the 2000 movie called The Legend of Bagger Vance affected me (or maybe it’s just that I am trying to find my authentic golf swing).

If you didn’t see the movie, a wise caddie named Bagger Vance teaches a troubled Southern golfer how to reach deep inside and find his “authentic swing.” He says: “This is the authentic swing you were born with—the authentic swing is all that you are! You’re just caught up with life’s ‘ought’s and should’s’.” The heart’s message is about having the courage to examine yourself, and that takes a boatload of courage! Socrates steps up again with his famous statement: “The unexamined life is not worth living.”

We are in a time of second-guessing ourselves, reacting with knee-jerk reactions. Courage is a spiritual energy from the heart that in defining moments motivates you to take action. Using courage as an ally means bundling a combination of courageous actions, such as learning, persisting to be mindful of defining moments, and being 100 percent accountable for choices. Often, missed opportunities won’t come around again.

Without everyday courage, other virtues such as grace, intolerance and humility may not find their place. Courage is the umbrella to all the other virtues. During defining moments who designs your life?


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