Qualities of Courageous Leadership

Once upon a time (all stories start that way), you recognized the behavior patterns of courage, such as…

  • The courage to chart a different path—alone! So, when your time comes to pass on you can say, “I danced my dance!”
  • The courage to say, “I don’t see this situation that way. It’s wrong, and here’s why.”
  • The courage to act against a popular acceptance that supports conformity—conformity is one of 8 courage killers that include complacency, cynicism and complaining.
  • The courage to speak up because you are unwilling to swallow your voice (again).
  • The courage to not be a part of the herd and stand alone.
  • The courage to walk away from unhealthy situations.
  • The courage to embrace the first red flag, not the second, third or fourth red flag that confirms you have sold your soul, again.
  • The courage to be a “courage change agent.”
  • The courage to “make courage your daily legacy” such as touching lives as a “word en-courager”
  • The courage to strive to a higher level of courage consciousness called “where courage meets grace.”
  • The courage to be self-disciplined—meaning you stick with it and commit to it in spite of the situation (consistency—a cousin to courage).
  • The courage to love your work and feel safe.
  • The courage to ask for help.
  • The courage to listen to understand (not to just respond).

How many behaviors do you consistently practice?

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