One Woman’s Perspective on the Value of Courage


“I like to use words like dedicated, determined and committed to define myself even though that often does not resonate with me. After reading Sandra Walston’s first book, COURAGE The Heart and Spirit of Every Woman/Reclaiming the Forgotten Virtue, I was surprised by my reaction to the concept of courage. When I start to think about what I do in terms of courageous, I not only become more connected to my actions, I become more empowered. Being courageous implies intention—I not only feel more confident, I feel liberated!

“A friend just left her husband of many years. With two kids in tow, she left resigned that any life is better than a life with an addict. She felt her choice was driven by desperation. When I told her I thought she was courageous, she looked puzzled. As we talked about how her courage was instrumental in leading her to this decision I could see her gain confidence and ownership. She walked away with a respect for herself she did not previously have.” We both gained our true, heart-centered courage!”

— Joanne, July 2014

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