Moms Share Their Stories of Courage with Their Children

Moms, how would you answer this question?

The most courageous step I ever took as a mom was when I…


When moms share their stories of courage with their children it provides an opportunity to celebrate those anecdotes. With this intention, then, and only then, will courage become a virtue ingrained in their children’s psyche. This starts early in childhood.

Many women forget to share their stories of courage with their children. Angela Cortez had an eye-opening experience when she shared with her sixteen-year-old daughter that she had lived on food stamps and sacrificed to achieve her career as a newspaper journalist. Prior to that discussion, Angela felt her daughter really did not understand the depth of their poverty because the child had been too young to remember. Angela came to realize it was an important part of her life that she should share with her daughter, especially at a time when the teen was becoming very materialistic. Her daughter enjoyed a very nice life and was unaware of the significant sacrifices that had helped provide her comfortable lifestyle. Angela’s story demonstrated courage in a difficult time and it provided her daughter with an example of claiming the power to dig herself out of a hole; her story also revealed the courage to engage in an intimate conversation.

  • It takes courage to say “no” to a friend who is encouraging a wrong action.
  • It takes courage to stop clinging to a friend who puts you down and face the loss.
  • It takes courage to be the very best with your talents and live up to your potential.
  • It takes courage to put rumors in their place in front of the crowd.
  • It takes courage to not get wrapped up in other people’s opinions.
  • It takes courage to move away from home, family and friends and head off to college.
  • It takes courage to present in front of the class.
  • It takes courage to cope daily with diabetes or asthma.
  • It takes courage to ask your dream guy for a date to the prom.
  • It takes courage to believe in and be yourself!

The best tactic is to start using the word! You will struggle with this task if you do not give yourself permission to be courageous. Eventually, mere exposure will raise your courage consciousness, and you will find the outcome transforming and renewing (and so will your children).

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“Keep your fears to yourself; share your courage with others.” — Robert Louis Stevenson

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