21 Inspiring Courage Quotes to Integrate into Your Precious Life

21 of my favorite courage quotes extracted from over 20 years of original courage research: 

  1. “Your courage is at the highest when you choose to take action; inaction saps the will of your character.”
  2. “Since the start of time, courage has been a potential for everyone, but it only becomes a reality for those who are willing to take the step and pay the price which is why courage remains habitually scarce!”
  3. “Courage is filled with allure when you stand in your true Self.”
  4. “Your ego conjures up fear in the form of incessant thoughts guaranteeing that your courage will remain in scarcity mode.”
  5. “Indeed, we will know that we have achieved equality when women are noted and praised for their unique brand of steadfast courage.”
  6. “Courage is the catalyst that will elicit self-awareness.”
  7. “You cannot learn courage by doing something you already know!”
  8. “Your courage resides in places where you shared an open heart, or experienced something truly pivotal.”
  9. “Simply by giving ourselves permission to claim our personal courage, we encourage those around us, making courage contagious and transforming the workplace!”
  10. “Courage is much more complex than spontaneous reactions to traumatic events.”
  11. “Denial is saying ‘no’ to courage.”
  12. “Small courageous acts accumulate like drops of rain in a puddle to create your own vast reservoir of courage.”
  13. “Make courage your daily legacy.”
  14. “Courage comes into play when we are digging for solutions.”
  15. “You will change when the pain of staying in the old pattern is greater than the pain of change.”
  16. “Courage is about being fearless enough to stand on your own and be your own person.”
  17. “Courage is a state of being.”
  18. “Call on your courage to stand up for the self you know to be you.”
  19. “Courage will never be an APP. It’s an INside job!”
  20. Courage manifests itself when a person embarks on a journey that is in line with their “heart and spirit.”
  21. “We seek mirrors of what we determine to be the essence of our personal life stories, such as ‘I am unworthy of success.’ We live and die in the mirrors we create for ourselves on our journeys.”

Quotes by Sandra Ford Walston, The Courage Expert


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