How to Catch a Little Courage for a New Career

Sold your soul (again!)? Call it what you want, but you know the feeling. You’ve been at your job for over five years and you’re stuck. It’s all you talk about—how you’re uninspired, how your talents aren’t appreciated, how you feel invisible …. But talk is cheap, and if you don’t step up and do something about it (updating your resume, finding a career coach or learning new skills) you will stay stuck for a long time.

When you find yourself stuck in an unrewarding job doing thankless work, how do you move forward? Can you identify the obstacles that keep you stuck, behaviors like intimidation, apathy, manipulation or self-neglect? Once you see the obstacles holding you back, do you have the courage to overcome them?

If you feel like someone has clipped your wings, if you live with a sense of regret, if you live in blame, or if you have a hard time making positive career transitions, you may wish to implement these simple Dos and Don’ts:

DON’T stay stuck in conformity (a courage killer). Take the steps to eliminate apathy.

DO focus on instilling self-discipline and maintain a tough measure of accountability. Self-discipline thwarts any mediocrity that might keep you stuck in regret.

DON’T allow self-neglect to undercut your self-esteem during demanding times.

DO declare your courageous intentions so you learn to motivate yourself from within. Hard decisions come alive in the questions, not the answers. Questions inspire actions. See events as opportunities rather than sources of apprehension.

DON’T allow yourself to remain invisible under the false pretense that blending in or staying neutral keeps you safe.

DO determine how courage can self-differentiate you and showcase your talents. The driver behind courage is the meaningfulness of your life. Finding what you love will be your brand trademark. This trademark communicates your spirit’s purpose as well as your convictions.

DON’T let denial cause your career to stagnate. Staying stuck hinders courage consciousness.

DO remember this ancient Chinese proverb: “He who hesitates before each step spends his life on one leg.” Stepping up reinforces your reservoir of courage, which sustains you until you are ready to take the next exciting step. Living in courage is economical—it cuts out a myriad of missteps.

DON’T linger in inertia. Inertia keeps us stuck in unfulfilling jobs and creates a false sense of safety.

DO rely on your courage to embrace change. Courage promotes the self-empowerment to rise above a “stuck” mind-set. A courage mind-set allows you to embrace the opportunities you face on your journey. Are you willing to give yourself permission to claim your courage?

DON’T stay stuck in blame.

DO work without regrets. Regrets are lost courage. Ask yourself: “Is some aspect of my personality constantly tripping me up, repeatedly causing regret and then placing the blame elsewhere?” Begin to notice your emotional triggers, the people or circumstances that set you off.

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