“Facing Death”–If I’d Had More Courage!


With permission, this beautiful poem, “Facing Death” is posted for you to embrace. I felt it aligned with my article In My Eleventh Hour: “I Wish I’d Had More Courage.”

Facing Death

By Joyce Rupp


it will soon be time to return home to you.

My soul is ripening for its final journey

as my body lessens in vibrancy and vitality.

I bring you my fears, doubts and concerns.

Help me to resolve any difficulties

that keep me from being at peace.

Comfort me when I feel the sadness

of leaving my loved ones behind.

Encourage me to surrender myself

into your safe and welcoming hands.

Help me to leave this life without regrets.

Thank you for all you have given me

during my sojourn here on earth.

Be with me now as I prepare to depart.

Bring me home. Bring me Home.



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