When you face diminishing opportunities, obstacles seem larger than life. But when you tap into your personal courage, you can overcome uncertainty, intimidation, denial, apathy, and doubt.

In history, we find people who overcame obstacles that make our hardships pale by comparison. Can you learn how to overcome obstacles? I attest: You have the courage within you to overcome any obstacle that holds you back.

Courage is vital in today’s climate of fear. By recognizing, developing and wielding the power of personal courage, you can realize higher job satisfaction, earn rapid advancement, develop stronger interpersonal skills, experience personal fulfillment, and transcend the limitations of any situation.

Stepping up in courage requires you to step deeper into yourself. Only by delving beneath the shallow thought patterns and melodramas of the ego personality can you discover your true identity, thus nurturing your courage and empowering you to take specific courage actions to overcome obstacles.

The word courage is derived from the Old French word corage, meaning heart and spirit. In other words, courage is an innate quality that resides within the core of every human being. Courage is the ultimate source of personal empowerment, happiness, job satisfaction and social advancement. So, recognize the courage that you possess in your heart and spirit. Courageous action represents the honest expression of your innermost self, your heart and spirit.

You simply need to identify your personal obstacles, and begin to practice the matching courage action skills that empower you to overcome your obstacles. You also might identify a person who exemplifies the courage action that you need to overcome your obstacle.

Recognizing your courage and acting in courage are not so much about what you are doing as who you are being! Don’t ever sell your soul or swallow your voice for a piece of business, even if it looks like the big one! The courage that supports effective leadership is not bravado or physical courage but the day-to-day courage that’s seen in everything from speaking up in a meeting to overcoming an obstacle that hinders your advancement. These instances often create the defining moments of your life.

You need courage daily to explore new ideas, confront gossip, transition to a new career, transcend rejection, or take the initiative to spearhead change. You can be a courageous leader regardless of your position! How you confront issues speaks volumes about your courage.

Acting with courage is about acting from your heart and spirit to overcome obstacles and personal limitations.  

ACTION: Exercise courage daily.

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