By Sandra Ford Walston, The Courage Expert


You’re so courageous,

They exclaimed.

No, not I! I decried.

Deflection’s so easy

The slight of a gaze

The shrug of the shoulder

The blush of unease

The stare of not seen.

‘I do what I gotta do’

To discount each praise.

Courageous, you say?

Not I!


My actions are poised,

I hint to my boss

Tactfully raise my concerns

As my principles are lost.

Hey, who really discerns

Surviving’s the game.

With disheartened flair

My persona, now lame?

Courageous, you say?

Not I!


Do you understand?

Stable as a rock

Feels just fine.

My children, well adjusted;

My breast cancer in remission;

My job’s extended

‘Discreet’ I’m defined.

Doing it all

Is all mine.

Courageous, you ask?

Not I!


But, at times

I wonder,

What is this

That feels so centered?

There’s a strength in my spine

A glow in my cheeks,

A gleam in my eyes,

A might in my chest,

No apology in my voice

No hindrance of any kind;

An energy’s refined

And, the feeling is all mine.

Spirit is reclaimed,

From time.



You knew:

It’s a glimpse of my courage,

The virtue renewed!

Now I wonder no more

Deliberate in action,

No longer low-key

I stand in esteem—

It’s my essence you see!

Courageous you ask?

I am, indeed.


You’re so courageous,

They exclaimed.

Yes, I am! I declare.

My authenticity redeemed

My passion set free.

Courageous you ask?

I am, you see,

True in heart

An image of glee.

So please,

Look to me

And all that I do:

Courageously Woman

Am I.

Courageous you say?

I am!

©2003 All Rights Reserved

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