Courageous or Brazen Scripts

A woman who noticed that a high-ranking position would soon be vacated said, “I thought about it and thought about it. So I did the somewhat brazen thing and went over and asked, “Can I have Vicki’s job?”
What’s wrong with asking, and why is it “brazen” to ask?

This is a perfect example of “scripts” or inner dialogues that multiply over time and define who we are. Left unchecked, they can prevent us from achieving what we want.

When you understand your scripts or inner dialogue, you realize how they have limited an honest and clear vision of who you really are and can now take action from that knowledge.

If you respond to obstacles from the lower levels of courage consciousness, you invariably get stuck. Even if you manage to get “unstuck,” you will find yourself repeating the same patterns and getting stuck at the same obstacles (like a bad version of the movie Groundhog Day) until you respond from a higher level of courage consciousness.
Once you begin to recognize the B-movie script for the obstacle that it is, the inner power of personal courage enables you to be able to grasp significant opportunities in the workplace and in life. Simply put, getting unstuck and staying unstuck requires the spirit of courage. Regardless of your unique circumstances, courage elevates your consciousness into the realm of truth, enabling you to advance your life’s purpose.

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