Hold Hands with Your Courage!

When you fulfill an aspiration, it amplifies what you love, and you know it is perfect. My friend Blanche Napoleon wrote, “Courage is both my friend and my teacher. Without courage, I would be an empty shell. With courage, I am complete and full of love and yearning for life and whatever it brings.”

Does your work feed your spirit in addition to putting food on your table? “Classic spiritual work, no matter what the religious tradition, is about transcending the ego. It seeks to awaken within a person something that is recognized as ‘true self,’ or higher Self. This does not necessarily mean eliminating the ego, but rather displacing it as the seat of one’s personal identity.”[1] In other words, you “die” to your limitations and consent to be transformed into the limitless joy of being your true self and fulfilling your vocation.

In Blanche Napolean’s job as a Manhattan executive, she knows firsthand that defeat can reign as queen for the day. But it is never too late to learn something new or to make a career change that supports your vision. For Blanche, “The key to success is to have the courage to do everything differently. There are no shortcuts to gaining courage. It cannot be purchased in a store. Courage comes from within after a seed is planted. Time and experience nurture it… I am not afraid to fail because my courage will allow me to learn from this experience and store the lesson deep inside. So, I hold hands with my courage!”

Excerpt from my second book The Courage Difference at Work: A Unique Success Guide for Women




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