• “Make courage your daily legacy.”
  • “Courage will never be an APP. It’s an INside job!”
  • “Neglecting your courage is as easy as accepting a low salary, knowing all along that you are being undervalued.”
  • “Life is too short to be anything but courageous.”
  • “Courage not only represents the crucial first step into an empowering, truth-based existence, it also opens the door to higher levels of consciousness and personal empowerment.”
  • “May the energy of everyday courage illuminate your mysteries and elevate your possibilities!”
  • “Using your personal assets of everyday courage, you can break free from internal obstacles such as outdated emotional patterns, mental “scripts” and false identities.”
  • “In order to step up in our careers, we must first delve deeper into our true Self to find a solid foundation that supports living a courageous life.”
  • “Courage is not something we stumble upon as we round the corner of the cubicle at the office, but a practical internal resource—a portfolio of personal assets that can bolster your position in defining moments.”
  • “Your courage resides in the where you shared an open heart, or experienced something truly pivotal.”
  • “Simply by giving ourselves permission to claim our personal courage, we encourage those around us, making courage contagious and transforming the workplace!”
  • “Companies stand still in status quo. Unable to match outcomes with actions, status quo perpetuates defeat and becomes an obstacle to people applying everyday courage at work. What are you doing to upend status quo?”
  • “Give the gift of courage.”

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